Talon Character Bios

Name:  Nicholas Watson

Nickname:  Talon (given to him by his Sire Tessa)

D.O.B.:  May 10, 1572

Height:  6’1″

Weight:  200 lbs

Hair:  Black, wavy, just past his shoulders

Eyes:  Blueish Green

Bio:  The sole survivor of the Lost Colony of Roanoke was found near death and transformed into a Vampire by his Sire Tessa.  Spent centuries following her leaving a trail of death from the Ancient Americas all the way across Europe.  In the 1930’s he parted ways with Tessa and settled in modern day Alabama where he continues to stalk those he sees as deserving of his “attention”.

Talon, while showing some of the signs of the ‘tormented soul’ that many Vampires have in fiction, doesn’t let that stop him from enjoying a good ole fashioned blood bath.  He spent over three centuries at his Sire’s side and together they were death incarnate (and old habits don’t die easy).  He’s mellowed a bit in 20th century being a bit more picky about his choice of prey but do not mistake Talon for being a Vampire with a heart of gold.  He’s not above being down right cruel at times to those he sees deserve it.  And more than that, part of him enjoys it.  He is in a constant war with himself especially after being reminded of his past humanity.  While he knows it’s too late to save his own soul he is still trying to make up for his sins in his own way but that nagging urge to kill and that overwhelming desire to be vicious is always in the back of his mind.

Name:  Sadie Lyndsey Hammett

Nickname:  Sexy Sadie

D.O.B.:  March 13, 1980

Height:  5’2″

Weight:  140 lbs

Hair:  Black with different color streaks (sometimes blue, red, purple, etc), just above her shoulders, straight

Eyes:  Crystal blue

Bio:  Abandoned as just a baby Sadie spent years in the Alabama Foster Home program before eventually being adopted by a Baptist preacher’s family.  She thought she’d finally found a home but when she caught her adopted father fondling her younger sister in her sleep Sadie decided she was safer on the street than in the house she had learned to call home.  She spent six months bouncing from location to location doing whatever she had to do to survive until one night she followed the wrong man down an alleyway and her life was changed forever.

Sadie isn’t your typical Vampire novel mortal female protagonist.  For one she’s not your petite little ‘Hollywood’ norm.  She’s 5’2″ and 140 lbs but mind you she “has curves in all the right places” and is rather stunning to look at (as Talon described by saying she had “the Devil’s blue eyes”).  She’s neither broody, shy, an emo, nor helpless.  She’s a preacher’s daughter with the mouth of a sailor and an attitude to match.  She doesn’t shy away from Talon’s bloodlust–in fact she often encourages it.  Nothing makes her quite as happy as seeing Talon ‘handle business’ and isn’t afraid to get in the mix as well.  Despite being a mortal Sadie isn’t the helpless damsel in distress.  She is in many ways Talon’s equal which only makes Talon that much more intrigued by her.

Name: Zona “Zoey” Winters

Nickname:  Gypsy

D.O.B.:  September 10, 1977

Height:  5’8″

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair:  Black, wavy, and down paste her shoulder blades

Eyes:  Brown with a hint of green giving them something of a gold appearance

Bio:  Zoey was raised by a single parent mom and her grandmother.  She knows nothing about her real father and really doesn’t care to.  “If he wanted to leave, fuck him.”  Zoey has a dark complexion and could be mistaken for Latina or Native American quite easily.  Truth is, not even Zoey exactly knows her bloodline.

Her grandmother (Zoey’s namesake) used to travel with fairs as “The Amazing Zona, Gypsy Queen–teller of fortunes and seller of potions”.  By all accounts her grandmother was the real deal and every person who tried to debunk her left utterly frustrated.  Grandma Zona tried to teach Zoey “the craft” before she died but Zoey was always too interested in boys or not skilled enough to really get the hang of it.

Zoey may not have been the best witch but she knew enough to fake it to make some extra money.  Taking her mother’s life insurance policy Zoey bought herself an abandoned Methodist church near Tuscaloosa, Alabama and turned it into her own fortune telling parlor (much to the chagrin of the locals but as Zoey put it “It’s none of their damn business what I do on my property”).  She told fortunes and sold potions which usually were little more than spring water with a few extra ingredients tossed in for show.  Despite this, her grandmother’s journals and spell books seemed to call to Zoey and she began trying to teach herself how to become a real witch.  The process was long and difficult.

One day a Vampire came knocking asking for Zoey’s help.  At first she refused but once she saw the money offered she quickly changed her mind.  One thing led to another and Zoey wound up drinking some of the Vampire’s blood.  She didn’t drink enough to turn her but she did drink enough to awaken the magic that was always inside of her.  On top of this Zoey picked up an unexpected ability:  she could see in detail five seconds or so into the future.  Combining with this her athleticism from years of gymnastics as a child and Zoey became an incredibly difficult to hit target.  Since she knows where the bullets are going to be she simply sidesteps or cartwheels out of the way.  Seeing her walk through a chaotic battlefield is almost a thing of beauty–poetry in motion at its finest.

Zoey’s still trying to master her witchcraft skills but even without them she’s more than capable of carrying her own in a fight.

Name:  Katie Grissom

Nickname:  Katie-bug

D.O.B.:  February 12, 1986

Height:  5′

Weight: 100 lbs

Hair:  Strawberry blonde spiral curls

Eyes:  Green

Bio:  Katie is a girl with very bad luck.  Her father is a drug addict and amateur drug dealer.  Instead of paying his drug debts he offers something much more sinister in exchange:  his daughter.  That’s right, Katie got sold to a drug dealer to pay her father’s debts.  The unique thing about Katie is that she is the spitting image of Talon’s younger sister Lizzie (even down to the line of freckles which dots her cheeks and go over the bridge of her nose).  It’s seeing Katie that sends Talon into something of a panic as his past and all the pain and regret from it resurfaces.  He’s determined to not see anything bad happen to Katie.  Maybe he can save her where he failed at saving his sister Lizzie.

Name:  Wayne “Big Man” Davis

Nickname:  Jester

D.O.B:  unknown

Height: 7′

Weight:  350 lbs

Hair:  white

Eyes: blue

Bio:  Jester is the leader of the Southern Hell Hounds biker gang.  He is involved in drugs, weapons, and other nefarious criminal activities.  He’s been described as “Santa Claus on fucking steroids” (but never to his face).  He is cruel beyond measure and is notorious for surviving attempted hits upon his life.  Jester is a Warlock and is heavily tattooed.  When he folds his arms you can clearly make out the symbol of the demon Baphomet from which Jester pulls his power.  This demonic bond gives him massive strength, incredible resilience to pain, and a healing factor that rivals that of Vampires.  He’s not a man to be trifled with and when Talon kills Jester’s nephew be assured that someone was going to pay.


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