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Life Isn’t Just One Genre, Why Should a Story Be?

I write this as I came to wrestle this very question the other day.  I’ve posted some snippets from the Sci Fi Novella I’m working on and there was something I wanted to do a little different at the end.  I wanted to add a horror element.

But you’re writing Sci Fi!  And it hasn’t been horror at to this point!

Both points are true, but it felt like I had come to a natural place in the story where it just fit.  Yes, the piece has pretty much been a Sci Fi Crime/Action piece with a sprinkling of spy work in it!  But we’re at the point where they’re making the return trip home and someone really wants to see them not make it, so there’s a surprise on the ship.

I wrestled with this idea for days.  Would the reader get mad at me for the sudden swerve?  Would they revolt at the change of tone?  And then it hit me:  Life isn’t one genre.  Sure, you can point at certain times in your life where THIS genre or THAT genre was dominating but life never looses that multi-genre status.  Happy romance stories turn to tragedies in a heartbeat.  Funny, adventure stories can turn into horror nightmares.  As time moves along, the genre we’re in changes, bends a little, and sometimes completely gives itself over to another genre.  “Hey, buddy, I’ve had a blast, but it’s your turn…. give ’em Hell.”

So I’m going to do it.  All the action and character builds are going to lead us right into a suspenseful ride of horror back to earth.  Is it risky?  Yes.  Am I okay with that?  Yes.  Life isn’t just one genre and your story doesn’t have to be either.

A Few Tiny Things I’ve Figured Out Writing

Writing is a passion for many of us.  You’re probably here because you’re either a writer or a lover of reading (whether it be blogs or books or just whatever).  Many of you don’t know this, but I’ve only writing seriously for about fifteen months.  Sure, I spent most of my life doodling stories or writing poetry, but I didn’t try to get into the writing game as a real author until last year.  Here’s a few things I’ve learned.

1–Don’t get discouraged if you get a rejection letter.  We all get rejection letters and most places don’t give explanations, they just sent their regrets and send you on your way.  Your piece of writing may have been “this close” to being accepted, but maybe they didn’t like this one piece of the work, or you didn’t go into enough details with your environment, or maybe you rushed the horror instead of giving them the slow build they wanted.  There’s a thousand reasons someone could say no to you, but don’t let that stop you from writing.  Practice makes perfect, and when you get that first acceptance letter you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

2–Never, ever, ever use “vanity publishers.”  These are publishers that “If you’ll send us X amount of money we’ll make your dreams come true and publish your book!”  They are rip offs and they are frauds trying to get your money.  Look for Indy publishers, there are tons out there (and good ones at that), and try your luck with them.  A couple I’ve found that I would highly recommend are:

Burning Willow Press:

The Dragon’s Rocketship Publishing:

These are two that I personally use and they’re great.  They might serve the genre you write but there are others out there that do.  Look them up!  Do research!  Always be on the hunt for places to go!

3–For me, before jumping into my novel, I wanted to test my skills writing shorts.  The payout for a lot of places accepting these isn’t usually that great, BUT it’s a great way to cut your teeth.  Horror Tree provides a great list of places looking for ALL kinds of story submissions.  Their web address is the following:

And if you’re into horror, the place I found my first home writing was Devolution Z magazine.  Their address is here:

Most of all, don’t give up.  If writing is your passion, WRITE!  Don’t do it for the fame!  Don’t do it to be “the next Anne Rice,” do it because you love it.  I hope some of these links help  you out and that I might be seeing some of your work in print soon!