So hey, what’s this “Talon” thing about?

Long ago, before Underworld, before the blasphemy of Twilight, I started a Vampire novel. It wasn’t really meant to be a novel, but let’s not split hairs. I started writing Talon, which had (and still does) have a much deeper meaning to me than first appearances. I took the Vampire trope and rewrote it to be the way *I* wanted it to be.

Crosses? Ha. Only if properly blessed, so that little trinket you bought at Wal-mart won’t help you. Bibles. Again, only if properly blessed. Garlic? Best served on bread and served with spaghetti. Need an invitation to your house? Hardly. Vamps will walk right on in. Daylight? Yea, it weakens them a bit so they try to limit their time out in it, but explode? Naw. That’s Hollywood bullshit. Stakes through the heart? Hurts but won’t kill. Going to high school and sparkling? Get the fuck out of here.

Vampires aren’t soulless Demons. They also don’t tend to be broody melancholic creatures who would fit in at an emo gathering. They can run the full gambit of emotions, but the blood that gave them immortality has corrupted them. It brings out the worst in each of them. So yes, they tend to be brutal, even sadistic monsters–all the worst of mankind’s emotions walking around with an insatiable thirst. But, under the right circumstances, they can be much more than that. And that’s where I found Nicky.

Nicky is definitely an Alpha-predator. He’s not only been trained to be sadistic and cruel, part of him takes great pleasure in it. He never wanted to be a hero. He never asked to be saved. He knows what he’s done is wrong. He knows a lot of the thing he *continues* to do is wrong. He sees himself as unworthy, already damned, case closed, shut the book, game over, man–game over. I think this is where Nicky and my souls overlap just a little bit.

As a person who has done some bad things in his life (nothing like Nicky mind you), I have felt that “I’m already damned.” feeling. I never asked for redemption. I never felt I was worthy of it, but through chance, or destiny, I ended up on a better road than I was one. Like Nicky, I was given the chance to atone for my sins. Nicky’s story, while brutal, vulgar, full of violence and foul language–in the end this saga is truly about being redeemed and God using the worst of us for good if we’ll just take that chance.

The Talon series, despite being so many things that would turn most Christians off, actually has a strong Christian undertone that comes out over the course of many books. You see Angels, Devils, Demons, Lucifer, and even God himself hiding in plain sight in this series. It’s an action/adventure full of blood, gore, and violence. But there’s also a love story and the question of “How far would you go to protect someone you loved?” I can’t classify this series as any one thing. Is it dark fantasy? Yes. Is it action/adventure? Yes. Is there a touch of paranormal romance in there? Yes. It is blood and gore and violence and beauty and ecstasy and chaos. It’s a beautiful chaos. There’s something for everyone in this series. It’s my great symphony, my Bohemian Rhapsody, my attempt to leave a mark on the world.

So, what is Talon about? It’s about everything and everyone. It’s the Alpha and the Omega. It’s the hope that even washed up, battered, broken and twisted people can find some peace in the world. Now bring on the Demons. Nicky has some ass to kick.


A message from Nicholas “Talon” Watson

So yea, life was peachy-fucking-keen. Sure, I was alone…and a murderer. Yea, guess I shouldn’t leave that part out, huh? Well, what the fuck do you expect? I’m a fucking Vampire. I drink blood. It’s what I fucking do. Everything was just fine, until I saw her.

If my heart still beat, it would have stopped. If I still breathed, it would have taken my breath away. It was like staring at a ghost. No, it was worse than that. This girl was real. She was right there in front of me. The strawberry blonde curls, the line of freckles running across the bridge of her nose, the same sad brown eyes—in every way imaginable, this girl looked just like my dead sister.

It wasn’t enough that she was dead. Oh, no. She had been murdered right in front of me along with my mother. I was seventeen at the time, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The Colony of Roanoke had itself a good ole fashioned fucking witch hunt, and my family was the victim.

I should have died that night. Shit, sometimes I wish I had died that night. But no, God and his sick fucking sense of humor had me live through it long enough to catch the attention of a Vampire named Tessa. She was beautiful—red hair and emerald green eyes. She looked like an Angel. Man, was I ever wrong about that.

As beautiful as she was, she was twice as ruthless. She taught me to kill. She taught me to relish in the suffering of others—and I did. I became the very hate that I despised. One by one, we killed them all. Well, all but Molly Hale. She was the daughter of the bastard who murdered my family, and I had loved her as a mortal. Tessa thought it fitting that I turn her. So I did. She became my Dark Bride. Together we slaughtered all who crossed our paths, and tortured for our own amusement. Others’ suffering became my bliss. Their agony became my release. Some flee from the darkness. I ran into it and let it consume me.

Four hundred years. Four hundred fucking years of death and mayhem, all ruined in a moment by the eyes of a stranger. I trembled. I remembered my humanity and I hated myself for it. I thought of my sister, frozen in the woods, tied to a fucking tree like some discarded piece of trash left to rot. The soul that I was sure had died oh so long ago twisted up in my belly until the agony of it set my mind on fire. Worse than any pain I had ever felt, it was like dying all over again—and I wept. Tears fell from my eyes, something that hadn’t happened in centuries. Suddenly, I wasn’t the monster I had become. I was that scared seventeen year old boy watching his sister die all over again.

And I shouted in my mind, “No! Fuck you, God! Not again! Not like this! Not here and not today! Not on my watch, old man. You’ve already taken everything from me. Would you really torture me like this again?”

Of course, there was no fucking answer—there never is, but I knew what I had to do. I could right the wrong. The monster could be the hero. Where I had failed, I could succeed. This poor girl, whoever she was, I would save her and atone for my sins. I would do this, for my sister Lizzie’s sake.

How could I have known that plucking this thread would unravel my entire world. Everything I knew, everything I was, everything I was meant to be would be turned on its head. The road it set me upon, there would be no turning back. There would be no stopping the avalanche once it started pouring down the mountain. No more cares. No more regrets. This is the path I’m on and I will ride it all the way either to the gates of Heaven or the pit of Hell. I care not which.

So, come for me, dark ones. I can hear you hiding in the shadows, whispering your foul threats and lies in my direction. If it’s my head you want, come and fucking take it. You say I’ve broken your rules. Fuck your rules. Fuck your petty aristocracy with your noses turned up in the fucking air. Fuck being bound by an authority I no longer recognize as my superior. I am my own man. I make my own rules. I am the Vampire Talon, and I will fucking destroy you.

–Nicholas “Talon” Watson

Talon: The Spider’s Web: 7/22/17 from Burning Willow Press

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The Rise of Umbra

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Updates Updates

Well, for one, just completed the revisions to “Murder Creek” that were asked for and sent them off.  Hopefully will get the official contract offer on it within a few days!  I’ll be sure to update everyone when that happens.  I know it’s taking some time, but I am about to have a TON of projects available and I’m getting more excited by the moment!

This one, well, I’m not sure how much I will speak on this one or even if I will publish it under my pen name (may pick another name to publish it under).  I have begun a piece called “A Heretic for Jesus” which is about my journey to become an Agnostic who’s a big follower of Jesus’ sayings even though I’m not that religious.  There is a TON of dark humor in this piece and I’m loving it, but local response might run me out of town.   If I get brave, I might share some of it here.

The Schedule for the Rest of the Year

Okay, so here is my current breakdown on projects coming out within the next year:

Where Old Acquaintances Be Forgot –TDR Publishing.  A stand alone E-book short about two friends who spend the night in abandoned, historic and haunted Bryce Mental Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Sometimes the dead aren’t at rest and there’s nothing they like more than to play with the living.  This is part of my Alabama Urban Legends/Horror series.

The Initiation–Independent publisher, part of the 1313 Continental Drive anthology.  A really neat idea here.  Each room in this old house has its own ghost story.  Different authors took a room and we’re combining them all together to give you a house you’ll never forget!  The Initiation is about a paranormal investigator doing her first investigation, alone, as her initiation to join the group she wants to join.  She has been given the upstairs bathroom, where a mother drowned her two children and then committed suicide.  Some spirits never rest and this one will have you just clawing to get out of the room…

The Board– Sandspress Publishing, part of the Death & Pestilence anthology.  When a man recently has lost his wife, a strange gift shows up at his door:  a Ouija board.  Surely he’d never play with it, right? Well, wrong.  When he starts to play he gets way more than he bargained for.

Murder Creek–TDR Publishing, another stand alone E-book release.  Three friends go camping at a place called Murder Creek (that’s a real place with a real haunted history).  They end up running into a number of entities that night, including a paranormal creature most have thought to be not real.  Murder, suicides, and Bigfoot?  Yup, Bigfoot.

The Devil’s Mistress–TDR Publishing, part of their Doves Charity Anthology.  This one means a bit to me as all proceeds go to support women who have suffered abuse, a charity close to my heart.  In the story a young female author writes a story about a defiant, wild young woman who takes no shit from anyone.  As the young author starts to travel promoting her book, the voice in her head starts to get louder and louder and takes control.  What’s really fun with this one, I actually wrote it from the split personality’s POV.

Talon: The Spider’s Web–Burning Willow Press, my novel and my pride and joy.  A Vampire tries to regain his humanity after 400 years of being a complete monster, but his past is catching up with him.  It’s dark, gritty, gruesome, and has a twisted sense of humor weaved into the story.  Full of action, this story will make you laugh, cringe, and cheer.  Imagine if Buffy the Vampire Slayer was NC-17 and told from the point of view of a Vampire.

When Death Calls

One of my publishers has put her short story up for FREE for the next four days!  Nikki’s a good author so go check her out for nothing, zero, zip, nadda.  Just click and enjoy!

Nessie, an Earth Fae, had no idea what she was getting herself into when she agreed to work for Death.