What’s going on? LOTS!

Been a minute since I updated, so forgive me. Let’s do some news reveals!

APRIL SECOND: A release party will be held for Alabama: Nightmares & Urban Legends on Facebook. The party starts at 2pm – 7 pm Central Standard Time. We have some free goodies and e copies in books up for grabs so come spend the day with me. You can find the event HERE.

April 9th: My first book signing! If you happen to be in the Walker County area, come to the Jasper public library between 2-4 pm Central Standard Time. I will have autographed copies of The Rise of UMBRA and Alabama: Nightmares & Urban Legends for sale. I will also have 11 x 17 framed posters of the book covers for sale at $25. UMBRA will be $15, Alabama: Nightmares & Urban Legends will be $20. You can find the library’s facebook page HERE.

July 22: Talon: The Spider’s Web is finally coming out! Everyone’s favorite fanged Alabama resident makes his formal debut. Five Points South, Smith Lake, Homewood–a whole bunch of local places get featured as this Vampire tears a bloody path through the state. You don’t have to be an Alabama resident to enjoy this dark fantasy adventure. Get ready…it’s almost time!

I am openly working on The Rise of UMBRA sequel while waiting on Talon’s edits. I have tons going on. Keep coming back. I promise to be more active.

The Rise of UMBRA: Get it HERE.

Alabama: Nightmares & Urban Legends: Get it HERE FOR KINDLE and HERE IN PAPERBACK.

Burning Willow Press: Find their awesomeness RIGHT HERE.

NEW ANTHOLOGY RELEASE THIS MARCH: Death & Pestilence featuring my story “The Board.” Find it HERE.


Crossroads in the Dark 2: Urban Legends

Like Urban Legends? This book will give you MORE THAN ENOUGH bang for your buck! I promise you that.

But it here.



Major Writing Updates

Hello followers and people maybe finding this blog for a first time. Got ALOT of updates so let’s get to them!

Firstly, “Where Old Acquiantances Be Forgot,” the Dragon Rocketship short story/novelette release of mine has been given the final official release date of October 31, Halloween! This is very exciting for me as it will be my first “stand alone Jay Michael Wright II” release. No anthologies, one name on the cover and it’s mine. Forgive me if I dance around and act a fool but it’s almost Christmas morning for me with this one.

If you didn’t know, “WOABF” is set in the presumedly haunted REAL abandoned Bryce asylum, located in or near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The story happens on New Year’s Eve, which has something to do with the title but not everything. It’s a horror piece and everyone who’s read it seemed to get chills or have bad dreams over it so please come check out a touch of Alabama horror.

Secondly, The Death & Pestilence Anthology from Sandspress Publishing is gone to the last steps before setting a final release date. My story in this anthology is entitled “The Board” and has to do with a widower who is gifted a very odd gift not long after his wife’s death. If you lost the most important person in your life, how far would you go to get them back?

Thirdly, the Crossroads in the Dark II anthology from Burning Willow Press has had the final edit of the story sent and wheels are quickly turning on getting a release date. My story in this great collection is entitled “Cemetery Mountain” and tales the supposedly true Urban Legend of a Satanic Cult using a church that only appears on full moons and the Devil’s Bible itself.

Please, give my work a look! Share the blog or my other links listed above.

A World of Updates

BIG NEWS: “Where Old Acquaintances Be Forgot” (From TDR Publishing) is completely edited, being formatted, and basically just waiting on the cover design. My FIRST stand alone story (although a short story) with JUST MY NAME on the cover will soon be available on Amazon. Expect a release party when it happens.

Also, Talon: Any Port is a Storm (from Inkception Books) will be coming out in an anthology on 10/15. This is a VERY different take on the Talon series as it’s NOT told by Nicky, is in 3rd person, and is a horror/mystery type element. If you know the characters, you’ll figure out what’s up pretty quick but for MOST people this will be their very first taste of the Talonverse and I hope should get some buzz started to go with the other prequel works I’m working on.

Death and Pestilence (from Sandspress Pub) is set to come out around Halloween. Another anthology (this one NOT Talon related) BUT still set in Alabama and features a very good friend of mine as the name of the protagonist (Jamie Peffer). I went to gifted classes with this chap when we were both just kids so always good to mention people you love in your stories. Also, Jamie’s deceased wife mentioned in the story is named “Melody” which is my oldest sister’s name.

Cross Roads in the Dark 2 (from Burning Willow Press) will come out around Halloween and features a short story that I wrote about a local Alabama legend called “Cemetery Mountain.” If you’ve never heard the story, you should go research it. This is one where all I did was take the existing story and wrote around it. Amazingly creepy stuff and part of my Alabama Horror series.

Talon Updates

Have been really busy, not just working on Talon projects but getting my short horror story “Where Old Acquaintances be Forgot” ready for release on kindle.  But there is some new news to share!

I have not one, but TWO Talon prequel stories being considered for horror anthologies.  The pay is minimal but the exposure for the characters and my name is what I’m going for.  I should know by mid-August if these two stories are going to be released.

I am actively searching out anthologies for dark fantasy.  I want to put as many Talon prequels out there as I can before the novel launches 7/22/17.  This is an exciting time with lots and lots of dark fantasy and horror coming your way.

Death & Pestilence set to go!

The Sandspress anthology “Death & Pestilence” has finally been sent off for formatting. I have a short story in it entitled “The Board.” The tale of a man grieving his wife’s recent passing and the odd gift of a Ouija Board that someone decides to give him. ‪#‎Horror‬