Jay Michael Bookout (birth-name Jay Michael Wright II) was born in 1974.  A life-long fan of horror novels and movies (particularly the Vampire genre) led once upon a time to him scribbling ideas for a story in a blog.  In time the story grew and his writing style evolved.  The story went from a blog format to the form of a novel.  With the idea that Vampire stories have been hijacked by the pg-13 crowd JMW2 is determined to take back the genre with something grittier and aimed more at adults than the teenage girl.  Jay cites that Joss Whedon, Quentin Tarrantino, and the Rob Zombie “Devil’s Rejects” movies  are some of his biggest influences which can be seen as his writing consists of mildly comedic moments (though never cheesy), intriguing dialogue, and moments of intense violence and drama.  Talon:  Jester’s Game is the first of a planned three novel set which will tell the story of the sole survivor of the Lost Colony of Roanoke as he tries to survive Pureblood Vampires, Catholic Vampire hunters, Warlocks, and eventually the Devil himself.


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