A Tale of Six Interwoven Tales

Greetings, my darlings! In this, our most holiest of months for horror authors, I present to you eight interwoven tales meant to both delight and chill you to your very soul. There are nightmares to be explored, adventures to be had. Come into my darkness and dance with Devil for me.

TALON2 Custom

The novel that began the madness which has unfolded is The Spider’s Web (Talon book 1). This book is brought to you by Burning Willow Press who are a wonderful company to work for.

Talon, perhaps more than anything, is the exploration of redemption. When you’ve known nothing but the violence and killing of being a Vampire and buried your mortal memories, what happens when something reminds you of who you used to be? Can Nicky save Katie, the girl who looks the spitting image of his mortal sister? What does it mean to suddenly have a purpose after having known nothing but chaos? Can he save the girl? Can he save himself?

Talon: The Spider’s web can be purchased HERE.

Talon is only the beginning. From here, all the other stories branch off and intertwine.

Demons Devils Denizens of Hell

Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell is a special anthology to me as it let a certain Demon named Mephistopheles truly shine. You will know Mephistopheles from Talon: The Spider’s Web. What truly made this piece special to me is that Pricilla and Persephone (From “The Ballad of Priscilla and Persephone” in Crossroads in the Dark 3: Monsters Under Your Bed) and Patches (From the story “Patches” in the Haunted Souls: A Halloween Anthology) make cameo appearances. Also, a character from one of my horror shorts (“The Girl on Fire”) located in the Alabama Nightmares & Urban Legends makes and appearance. This is my way of letting it be known, the world of Talon is also the setting for my horror collection.

My story in this collection is entitled, “Walker County is Small and Smith Lake is Deep.” It’s like a local warning to the residents. You can be found and you will be dealt with if necessary. A young man, having found his girlfriend and best friend having a jolly-good time in the bedroom, goes over the edge. He has committed a crime so vile, that all of Hell is watching him. When they come, do the bring offerings, or do they demand sacrifice?

I was invited by P. Mattern (Mama Fang) herself to participate in this anthology and I’d like to thank her for her support and faith in my abilities. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I don’t really have any nightmare author stories. I have been blessed to have some wickedly talented and deliciously evil writers come part of my circle. I tip my hat to all of you.

You can get this book HERE.

Chasing Fireflies



Here is perhaps the most surprising of our entrants. Chasing Fireflies: A Summer Romance anthology is a bit something different. It was my first attempt at writing a true romance story. Now there’s still plenty of magick, curses, Demons, and warrior-priests around, so you’ll get all the action of a Talon piece, just with an awkward romance thrown in. “The Doctor and the Demon” is a story that I believe you can enjoy action fan or not, romance fan or not. There’s a bit of something for everyone here.

The main character is a cursed doctor named Marcus. He comes to have a Demon as a patient and he’s faced with the dilemma of handing her over to Estabon, an Eastern Orthodox Vampire Slayer, or risk his life to protect the woman he can’t even confess to that he loves.

Marcus, Cecilia (the Demon), and Estabon, are all characters from the Talon universe. Marcus will appear in Talon: Russian Roulette (book 2 of the series) and Estabon will appear later as well. It’s a closer look to what will become a Talon major player. Find out about him before he unleashes death upon the world.

The other authors in this are simply wonderful and if romance is your thing, you should most definitely give it a look.

Buy this book HERE.


“A tisket, a tasket, the twins are out their caskets. Drowning souls in swimming holes of everyone who passes…” –local nursery rhyme about Priscilla and Persephone

Crossroads in the Dark 3: Monsters Under Your Bed

This anthology contains my story “The Ballad of Priscilla and Persephone.” These girls were buried before Smith Lake (yes, the same Smith Lake from the Demons story) was created and, when it was, their graves were left beneath the murky waters. They’re lonely. They only want to play. Won’t you go for a swim?

As I stated before, the twins appear in the Demons anthology story. Their wickedness is not just bound to the world of horror. They are bound to our very reality.

This book has an amazing line-up of authors. If you haven’t bought this, what’s wrong with you?

Buy this book HERE.

Haunted Souls

Haunted Souls: A Halloween Anthology is special to me because it includes one of my new favorite characters, Patches (from the same-titled story), and it was the first time I got to appear with my cousin, the author TJ Penn.

This story is about vengeance from the grave. How far would you go to get your daughter justice?

Get this story HERE.

Damsels of Distress

My story in Damsels of Distress is called “Harmony’s Rhapsody.” You will a Catholic Vampire Slayer and her friend attempt to apprehend a certain doctor named Marcus. Yes, the Marcus from the Chasing Fireflies book. What you see here is Marcus just after he leaves book 2 and Harmony just before she enters book 3. If you like Vampires and lots of slaying, you’ll love this story! This anthology has a release date of October 28th, 2017.

There’s even more stories coming to add to this list, and I’m also releasing my own horror novelette for Halloween. A little gift to my beloved darlings. Fair thee all well, and may the darkness on the page be the only darkness in your life. Cheers!

Jay Michael Wright II (jmw2author)

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