Let’s Talk Talon.

Well, the day is upon us. Actually, I’m writing this just after it was upon us. Talon: The Spider’s Web is now available. You can get the paperback HERE. You can get the kindle version HERE.


TALON2 Custom


So, another Vampire series? I know, there are million of them. Well, there are things that I think will set Talon apart from the rest. Let’s take a little look.

1–The story is a mash-up. It’s a little bit action/adventure, dark urban fantasy, and a touch of paranormal romance (no, not the make you gag Sparkling Vampire kind) with elements of thriller and horror in it. Life isn’t one genre. Why should a novel be? I love blending different elements together to make a story. There’s something in here for just about everybody.

2–The female characters are some of the strongest in the series. In The Spider’s Web, that role is carried out by Sadie. She’s a mortal with a power she can’t explain and barely knows how to control. She’s wild, independent, and has a mouth like a sailor. Being a former preacher’s daughter, she is the very spirit of a rebellious daughter. Not only this, but SHE saves the Vampire instead of the other way around. Wait, did I really just say that the mortal girl lead in the series saves the 400 year trained to be a killing machine Vampire lead in this story? I did. Sadie is living chaos, but she does it oh so well. Also, you’ll get a glimpse at Nicky’s Sire Tessa in the first book. You want a badass female character…you got it.

3–Sadie, the female lead, is also not your typical body type for Vampire novels. Sookie Stackhouse and Bella were both quite petite female leads. I wanted to kind of move away from that, so Sadie I made a curvy girl. I thought it’d be my way to send some love to the ladies out there with a real figure. The song is even in the book, “Fat Bottomed Girls” make the rockin’ world go ’round!

4–Vampire are alpha-predators again. A great deal of the Talon series and prequels deals with the monstrosity which Vampires truly are. There are no punches pulled at times. It is unapologetic brutality. Why? Because that’s what, to me, true Vampires would be. None of this going to high school for a century crap. No overly romanticized version of what was once the most terrifying of all creatures. Nicky softens in the series and falls in love with Sadie but his dark tendencies to kill and slaughter brutally sticks with him through it all.

5–Talon is set in a much larger universe. There are witches, Slayers, Angels, Demons, Lycans, the full spectrum of supernatural creatures. I have not so subtly “hidden” pieces of the Talon universe in different places. “Any Port in a Storm” from the Creepy Collection anthology (found HERE.) was the first appearance of Nicky, his sire Tessa, and Molly in print. The story is told in the third person from a mortal’s perspective as he made to play one of Tessa’s favorite games.

“Walker County is Small and Smith Lake is Deep” from the Demons, Devils, and Denizens of Hell anthology (found HERE. –prerelease live, launches August 4th) features an appearance by someone that you’ll become extremely familiar with through the series: Mephistopheles. It also has a cameo by the sadistic sisters of Smith Lake, Priscilla and Persephone, from “The Ballad of Priscilla and Persephone” found in Crossroads in the Dark 2: Urban Legends (found HERE.) I have already submitted to the Demons anthology sequel, and this story also connects to the Talonverse in two ways. Once I hear it’s accepted or not, I will make the reveal to HOW this story ties in.

I have two more submissions that tie into the Talonverse appending approval. I wrote a piece for the Like a Woman anthology sponsored by Mirren Hogan and am working on a piece for the Damsels in Distress anthology sponsored by Lily Luchesi. Both of these stories will tie into the universe and give you glimpses into some very important characters’ side stories.

The last “hidden” piece of the Talonverse out there is “The Demon and the Doctor” from the Chasing Fireflies romance anthology (Found HERE..) Romance? Yea, but there’s way more than just that going on. You’ll get to meet Marcus Von Zarovich, former partner of Victor Frankenstein and cursed doctor. He meets a beautiful Demon and nurses her back to health, all while trying to avoid the priest out to kill her. See, mash-up style.


So in conclusion, Talon has a little bit of everything. It’s a series that is going to take you all the way through to Armageddon. There’s a much larger game afoot than it first appears. Just wait, this series will take you from the depths of Hell to the heights of Heaven. Lucifer, God, they all make appearances. So come check out Talon today. You won’t regret it.