Author Spotlight: Nicole Thorn


Nicole Thorn, author

We are joined today with Nicole Thorn. I hear you have a busy few months ahead of you so go ahead and write a page or two about what you have coming out.

In March I have a sequel coming out for a book I wrote with my partner, Sarah Hall. It’s called Follow Me Down, and it’s the second in our Way Down Below series. It’s about demons, and morality, and all kinds of murdery stuff. We also have another series together from Burning Willow Press, the first book titled We Will Gain Our Fury. That one is a Greek Mythology book, with lots of action and sad people in it. I have a few things out by myself. A horror book called Your Heart is Mine, where the protagonist is a serial killer working as a deputy in a small town. He falls for a girl who is the subject of another serial killer’s obsession, which was a lot of fun to write. I like messed up stuff, so you can imagine… I also have a series out with CHBB Publishing, with vampires and demons and also a lot of killing. I have a shtick, I guess. Though lastly, my other book isn’t monsters at all. It’s called The Dollhouse, and it’s about four girls who were kidnapped and made to dress up like dolls, until they broke free when they were nineteen. That one only has one murder in it, and everyone is human.

I like a lot of POV switches, so most of what I do has two. Which is also fun when one of the characters isn’t such a nice person. I like to try and do as much as I can, of things that I haven’t seen a lot of. Though I might fail at that. That’s for readers to decide.



I’ve teased you quite a bit about your last name being “Thorn,” so I’ve got to ask: what did you think of The Omen movies? Is it true you’re Damien’s sister? And I will tell you right now, if I hear creepy operatic apocalypse music I’m ending the interview now.

I’ve only seen the first Omen movie, and I was very young at the time. All I remember is the lady hanging herself. My dad is a big fan of them, as well as the books. I tried really hard to get my parents to name my little brother Damien, and they wouldn’t go for it. Oh well.

What books encouraged you to write? Or what were your favorite books growing up?

Books don’t really encourage me to write. My writing partner and bestest friend (Sarah Hall) does. Though when I read a really good or really creepy book, it does make me want to out creep it. But I’m petty, so… And I read a lot of Toad and Owl growing up, so obviously that influences me a lot. When I turned about fourteen, that was when I started in on the romancey YA books.

I’m going to put you on the spot here. You write paranormal romance. Twilight: thumbs up or thumbs down and why?

This is complicated, so I’ll do my best. What Twilight did for teenage readers, I’m very happy about. I was the perfect age for it when those books started getting turned into movies, and they got me into reading. Why people fell so hard in love, I will never know, but that really isn’t the point. So I guess I give it a thumbs up, because it got kids reading, and it got me reading. Don’t be ashamed of what you like to read, from Twilight, to Fifty Shades, to Goodnight Moon. Do what you will.

Favorite horror movie growing up?

I’m a chicken, so I don’t do well with horror movies. I was more into funny movies. However, I’m really into Evil Dead right now. If 23 still counts as growing up, then I pick that one.

What’s a horror movie (or three) that you might want to see remade?

I don’t trust a remake to be good anymore. Though that Scream show is really good sometimes. Teen Wolf also… I am not ashamed to admit I love that show and movie.

What kind of book is your guilty pleasure? What’s something you’ve read and loved that people wouldn’t believe?

          I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. Don’t be guilty about what you enjoy, unless you’re hurting someone. Then feel bad. Unless they’re a jerk, but whatever. I like the genre I write, so I go for paranormal. Sometimes YA. I happen to be best friends with my favorite author, so I get the best stuff for free. And I don’t know if I’ve read something that I loved that someone wouldn’t believe. I’m a weirdo and those who know me, know I dabble in everything. I really like anything to do with American History or Batman lately. So comic books and textbooks.

Go camping at Crystal Lake while planning to have sex and smoke pot…or babysit in Michael Myer’s hometown on Halloween?

I’ve never been camping or smoked pot, so I guess I have to pick baby sitting. I can handle myself with a masked goon. I know how to shoot a bow and arrow and get the hell out of a house when I need to.

Last question, everyone wants to leave a mark on the world. When it’s your time, what do you want scribed on your tombstone?

I’ll switch it up and be straight here. I have this thing about being able to articulate. I’m bad at it a lot of the time, so when I hear a song, or read a book that says something that I don’t have the words to, it means something to me. If I can do that for someone else, then that’s all I want to come from my writing. I want to help someone. I write about a lot of broken people, so I hope that people can identify with that. As for my tombstone, I just hope that whoever is writing it for me, thinks better of me than I do.

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