Author/Artist Spotlight: L Bachman


Today, I’m with L Bachman, author of The Blasphemer series. I think one of the first things that pop to mind is how does someone in the heart of the Bible belt come up with something called “The Blasphemer” series?

My writing of it isn’t because I live in the heart of the Bible belt as much as I’m aware of what many living here will consider my works of fiction. I’ve given many reasons to the title of the series, they’re all correct because they all fit perfectly to the title of the series, key characters, and how I know I’ll be seen by those that won’t take the time to read the good vs evil storylines.


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Who were some of your early writing influences?

I’ve always been a fan of the classics. I’ve also been a fan of Anne Rice since I was younger, as well as Mary Shelly, Edgar Allen Poe, and Bram Stoker.

Okay, 80s slasher movies, or modern paranormal horror?

80’s slasher movies, but if not that I’ve always enjoyed a good black and white horror flick as well.


Jason approved of her answer.

What projects do you have in the works? What can you tell us about them?

I’ve been working on a story called Mercy based on unexplainable paranormal events that are real. I’ve also been working on a story called Necessary Evil that I hope readers will enjoy but also get them thinking about how events occur in the real world, how historically all it takes is one thing to shift the tide of awareness one way or another. Along with these two, I’m working on the third installment of The Blasphemer Series: Ghosts and a trilogy I recently cover revealed on Facebook called The Burning Man that begins in the time of the witch trials here in America 1692, but for the main character being burned for being a witch when he isn’t in the way of how witches were burned in Europe during their witch trials brings him back, time and time again. For now, this is a trilogy, but it may be something that I pop out time to time after the three books depending.

Favorite Indy author that maybe people aren’t aware of yet?

I think most people I know of are already known by someone, I’m always sharing and promoting my fellow self-pubs, hybrids, and independently published. Hard to narrow down just a single favorite and with that all I can do is recommend people check out my feeds for mentioning of other authors.

I know you work on staff at Burning Willow Press. Without breaching any contracts or getting you into trouble, could you tell us what all you do? I’ve seen some of your work and I have to say, I think it’s bloody gorgeous.

I am staffed in the graphics department of Burning Willow Press, you’re correct. I also work independently from them for my own clients that have been loyal since I first began. For Burning Willow Press, LLC, I do all of the promotional marketing for the authors that are being published. I prep their release materials so that the company and the author can then market the books to the best that they can. Time to time, I also help Loraine Van Tonder do cover work so that she is not overloaded and I help out the webmaster S.L. Perrine by making the images displayed for books released so that everyone can see what is under the BWP umbrella and currently out. I also do editing of images, do any random images that may be handed down to me from Edd Sowder or Kindra Sowder they may be needed, for example flyers or ribbons for awards.

Best version of Dracula ever and/or best actor to play Dracula?

You can never go wrong with the Bram Stoker original, but of course the movie adaptation by Francis Ford Coppola. For me, Dracula, is only best played by Gary Oldman.


Have to say, it’s hard to argue with her.

Mark Twain once said he’d prefer Heaven for the climate but Hell for the company. Do you agree?

I would hope that I’m not heading to hell, for the company or any other reason. I am sure many believe I’m heading there and I’ve even been told as much by a brave few, but that is between me and a higher power after I’m gone. Matthew 7:1-3 Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?


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Author Spotlight: J.K. King


I have me an old friend, author J.K. King who just stepped out of the shadows to write his first piece, an autobiographical short about his childhood and early 20s. Mind telling the readers what made you write this?

Well, I was raised in the Bible Belt in a Christian conservative home. Like some other people, I had the Christian faith used as a tool to beat me down and abuse me. I’m not ashamed to admit that this led to several suicide attempts in my life, and I was hoping this book might be able to help others who are in a similar position.

Sounds like you went through a lot. Was it hard to open up about this subject?

Yes and no. I didn’t want my life put up for the whole world to see. This wasn’t a “hey, look at me!” kind of thing. It was simply meant to reach out to others who might be thinking of suicide. If I had been successful on one of my many attempts, I would have missed out on a lot. I don’t want anyone else to miss out either. 

You said you didn’t want the whole world to see your private life, yet you wrote an autobiographical piece. I assume that means you’re writing under a pen name?

Yes. Both for my own privacy and to not disrespect the dead. I don’t see the point in ruining someone’s name after their dead, even if they did put me through a living hell. 

Where can readers find your book and are you looking to do any more writing?

Right now my short piece is on Amazon for free for the next few days. I’ve considered writing more, but I haven’t made my mind up yet. If the spirit moves me, then yes, I’ll write more.

If you’re interested in reading J.K.’s story, you can find it HERE.


Why You Should Read Talon: The S.S. Trinity?



There are a hundred Vampire novels out there, why should you try this one? Well, let’s to to some reviews.

on January 20, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
My Five Star Review of Talon: S.S. Trinity
Written by Jay Michael Wright 2nd
This edition is an origin story that introduces the readers to Talon a main character that through great tragedy is born a new personality. Talon is a young man that loses his family and through extraordinary circumstances becomes more than just someone but really something evil who only wants revenge for the loss of his family. This tale of death and rebirth is filled with a blood lust that the reader can taste and only right so given that the demon talon has become is a vampire. These are vampires the likes of which resemble movies like the Lost Boys in terms of violence, bloodshed and the need to feed and use fear in order to fulfill the need of blood. Talon and his Mistress are not vampires like those in Twilight series instead they are demonic beasts filled with blood lust and want to inflict terror in their victims. Talons main drive is revenge and his mistress wants control and blood which leads Talon to become in control of his senses yet a near slave for the blood of his victims. The setting is later after Talons conversion and his mistress has found the killers of his family and the ship the killers are on is where this epic scene of violence and revenge unfolds. Get ready for a fast paced story, a story filled with action and shadowed by darkness on the high seas of a great ocean. This was a short story filled with just enough back story about the characters and the story to become hooked and wanting more. What affected me was the pure rage for revenge and the power to achieve what is needed to gain the desire of revenge. This story is not for the faint of heart and I was very pleased by the ambience and description of the ship and characters involved. The dialogue was a perfect balance between action, intrigue and story flow. I look forward to the next story involving Talon and his new family because I sense a reawaking of talons humanity.
on January 3, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I’m a vampire lover so this short story was excellent! I cannot wait for the full story! Simply an amazing author!
on January 1, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
An excellent romp of nastiness! Wright manages to spin a new twist on old themes. Looking forward to a complete novel from this guy!
Raven Stone rated it it was amazing
A quick read, unfortunately, because the characters are delightfully vicious and yet compelling. This isn’t the story of a good guy, but Talon is a complicated guy. For such a short story, there’s a lot going on. The writing is clear and concise, and you know exactly all you need to know but not enough to satisfy your curiosity. There is just something about the narrator – Talon – that makes you really want more. His Sire (or possibly Dam – I’m never sure of the correct terminology!) is a psycho, and his girlfriend is a chip off the old block, but somehow *likeable*.

This is a quick visit to their world, and I’d really like more. The vampire hunters – the Birds of Prey – are an intriguing creation. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, so the length of the book doesn’t reflect the depth of characters.

All in all, a sexy little start to what I hope will develop into a series.

katrina davies rated it it was amazing

I really liked the old brutal vampire style but I would have liked more description of the characters, hopefully this will come in the next book

8 total reviews for a 5 out of 5 star ranking. This isn’t your normal Vampire series. It’s something a bit more, something nastier. Revenge, cruelty, and signs of Talon’s humanity peeking through all the madness. It’s part of a series that kicks off officially in July, but prequels and side stories and novels are planned. This will be a whole universe set to rival the other grand Vampire worlds in literature. For only 99 cents, this first story (an actual novelette, NOT a short) is a steal. So why not sink your fangs into something vicious? Talon can be purchased HERE.

Author Spotlight: Nicole Thorn


Nicole Thorn, author

We are joined today with Nicole Thorn. I hear you have a busy few months ahead of you so go ahead and write a page or two about what you have coming out.

In March I have a sequel coming out for a book I wrote with my partner, Sarah Hall. It’s called Follow Me Down, and it’s the second in our Way Down Below series. It’s about demons, and morality, and all kinds of murdery stuff. We also have another series together from Burning Willow Press, the first book titled We Will Gain Our Fury. That one is a Greek Mythology book, with lots of action and sad people in it. I have a few things out by myself. A horror book called Your Heart is Mine, where the protagonist is a serial killer working as a deputy in a small town. He falls for a girl who is the subject of another serial killer’s obsession, which was a lot of fun to write. I like messed up stuff, so you can imagine… I also have a series out with CHBB Publishing, with vampires and demons and also a lot of killing. I have a shtick, I guess. Though lastly, my other book isn’t monsters at all. It’s called The Dollhouse, and it’s about four girls who were kidnapped and made to dress up like dolls, until they broke free when they were nineteen. That one only has one murder in it, and everyone is human.

I like a lot of POV switches, so most of what I do has two. Which is also fun when one of the characters isn’t such a nice person. I like to try and do as much as I can, of things that I haven’t seen a lot of. Though I might fail at that. That’s for readers to decide.



I’ve teased you quite a bit about your last name being “Thorn,” so I’ve got to ask: what did you think of The Omen movies? Is it true you’re Damien’s sister? And I will tell you right now, if I hear creepy operatic apocalypse music I’m ending the interview now.

I’ve only seen the first Omen movie, and I was very young at the time. All I remember is the lady hanging herself. My dad is a big fan of them, as well as the books. I tried really hard to get my parents to name my little brother Damien, and they wouldn’t go for it. Oh well.

What books encouraged you to write? Or what were your favorite books growing up?

Books don’t really encourage me to write. My writing partner and bestest friend (Sarah Hall) does. Though when I read a really good or really creepy book, it does make me want to out creep it. But I’m petty, so… And I read a lot of Toad and Owl growing up, so obviously that influences me a lot. When I turned about fourteen, that was when I started in on the romancey YA books.

I’m going to put you on the spot here. You write paranormal romance. Twilight: thumbs up or thumbs down and why?

This is complicated, so I’ll do my best. What Twilight did for teenage readers, I’m very happy about. I was the perfect age for it when those books started getting turned into movies, and they got me into reading. Why people fell so hard in love, I will never know, but that really isn’t the point. So I guess I give it a thumbs up, because it got kids reading, and it got me reading. Don’t be ashamed of what you like to read, from Twilight, to Fifty Shades, to Goodnight Moon. Do what you will.

Favorite horror movie growing up?

I’m a chicken, so I don’t do well with horror movies. I was more into funny movies. However, I’m really into Evil Dead right now. If 23 still counts as growing up, then I pick that one.

What’s a horror movie (or three) that you might want to see remade?

I don’t trust a remake to be good anymore. Though that Scream show is really good sometimes. Teen Wolf also… I am not ashamed to admit I love that show and movie.

What kind of book is your guilty pleasure? What’s something you’ve read and loved that people wouldn’t believe?

          I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. Don’t be guilty about what you enjoy, unless you’re hurting someone. Then feel bad. Unless they’re a jerk, but whatever. I like the genre I write, so I go for paranormal. Sometimes YA. I happen to be best friends with my favorite author, so I get the best stuff for free. And I don’t know if I’ve read something that I loved that someone wouldn’t believe. I’m a weirdo and those who know me, know I dabble in everything. I really like anything to do with American History or Batman lately. So comic books and textbooks.

Go camping at Crystal Lake while planning to have sex and smoke pot…or babysit in Michael Myer’s hometown on Halloween?

I’ve never been camping or smoked pot, so I guess I have to pick baby sitting. I can handle myself with a masked goon. I know how to shoot a bow and arrow and get the hell out of a house when I need to.

Last question, everyone wants to leave a mark on the world. When it’s your time, what do you want scribed on your tombstone?

I’ll switch it up and be straight here. I have this thing about being able to articulate. I’m bad at it a lot of the time, so when I hear a song, or read a book that says something that I don’t have the words to, it means something to me. If I can do that for someone else, then that’s all I want to come from my writing. I want to help someone. I write about a lot of broken people, so I hope that people can identify with that. As for my tombstone, I just hope that whoever is writing it for me, thinks better of me than I do.

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The Hotel Alabama: Room 23–Some places you just don’t want to go. The Hotel Alabama is a mythical hotel that only appears certain nights of the year. Some say it’s a gateway into Hell, and for Cassie, that’s exactly what it becomes. Will she make it through the night? Or does the Hotel Alabama have a new permanent resident?

The Bangor Cave Witch: Origins–Bangor Cave, infamous underground nightclub has been a subject of urban legend and lore for decades. Stories of witches, Satanic rituals, and other odd happenings plague the area. This story takes you back to the beginning. Every Urban Legend has a starting point, and every nightmare has a grain of truth in it. BASED ON THE REAL ALABAMA URBAN LEGEND.

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5 stars. This was amazing. Scared the stuff right outta me. King definitely has some competition!

5 stars. I absolutely loved this book! Kept me on edge and I couldn’t stop reading til I was done. Highly recommend this book to any paranormal readers!!!

5 stars. If anyone knows me they know I don’t do horror, BUT with that said, this book was well written and the ending was just jaw dropping for me. It actually made me want more!! Amazing short story and awesome author!!

5 stars.  Insane horror and descriptions of ambience and inner dialogue from the main character caused me to regret not reading this short story during daylight hours.  So you want to feel fear? You want to breathe suspense? You want to get the chills then read this short story.

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