Free swag if you order Talon: The S.S. Trinity.

If you’ve not been to my FB author page, it’s here.

More importantly, if you haven’t heard I’m throwing a launch party event on the 28th for my new novelette: Talon: The S.S. Trinity. The event is located here.

How here’s the best part, the party is over a week away and I’m already offering you up free stuff. There is a pinned post on the event page. If you purchase and then share a picture of your purchase of Trinity, you are eligible for a TON of swag. Such as…

A special PDF edition of the story FULL of extra art work.

A Kindle file with another Talon prequel, “Talon: Any Port in a Storm,” that was included in The Creepy Collection Anthology.

And, to U.S. mailing addresses, an autographed bookmark from yours truly.

So what are you waiting on? The book is 99 cents! Go get it and earn some free swag!



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