Another Talon Sequel Excerpt with a little tip of the hat to Stephen King.

I struggled against the chains that bound me, but still had no luck. Fucking silver. I bloody hate that damned metal. I was still half-drugged from whatever Ricky had jammed into my neck, so I had to concentrate hard to think or talk. “S…Sadie, are you okay?”

She still sat there on one knee. I could hear her panting heavily. Every time her powers manifested, they took the world out of her, but at least she was still conscious, which was an improvement from her previous experiences. She looked over her shoulder at me, she was drenched in sweat, but she was smiling. “I’m okay, baby. Did you see what I did?”

Although I was in terrible pain, I chuckled. “You mean the part where you went all ‘Carrie on a bad prom date’ on the room? Yea, kind of hard to miss. Baby, not to be demanding here, but could you please get these chains off of me? I’m starting to feel a wee bit nauseous.”


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