A Little Peak at Talon book 2, “Russian Roulette”

Faust shook his head. “It’s not that easy, Nicky. You’re missing out on the point. There are consequences to what you do. If you return, history will repeat itself. Sadie, Taz, Jonesy…all of them, they’re all going to die—just like your family, Kascha, me. It’s a curse Nicky. If you decide to live, you’re going to literally watch everything you love burn.”

Faust snapped his fingers and we were suddenly in the middle of Five Points South. All the buildings were decimated. Smoldering fires filled the air with a thick black smoke and it was raining ashes from the sky. There were abandoned, burned out vehicles everywhere. It looked like World War 3 had broken out there.

What the deuce is all of this?”

Faust very smugly took a seat on a park bench which had survived the destruction and replied, “It’s your future, Nicky. If you stick around, this is what you’re going to cause, along with the deaths of all your friends. Is this really what you want? Do you want to watch the world to burn?”

I heard the clip-clop of hooves against the pavement. I looked to the west and I saw a horse-drawn carriage approaching me. The coachman wore all black and his hood couldn’t hide the fact that his face was a skull. Even the four horses pulling the carriage were something other-worldly. Their eyes burned red, they exhaled a thick black smoke, and fire danced around their hooves. Behind the carriage was a funeral procession made up of two rows of followers. They wore all black and they had their faces painted up like skulls. It reminded me of what I had seen in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead.

The carriage stopped right in front of me and I turned to Faust. “What the Hell is all of this?”

Faust tapped his cane twice against the ground and the members of the funeral procession opened up the back of the carriage. They removed and then sat a casket right at my feet.

Why it’s your funeral, Nicky! They’ve come to pay their respects to the man you used to be. This future, this nightmare, it all ends if you’ll just…” Faust cracked the lid to the coffin. “…get inside.”


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