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Where Old Acquaintances Be Forgot
Where Old Acquaintances Be Forgot

reviews: 9

ratings: 13 (avg rating 4.69)


The Initiation: Hell House
The Initiation: Hell House

reviews: 2

ratings: 5 (avg rating 4.40)


Talon: The S.S. Trinity
Talon: The S.S. Trinity

ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)


Devolution Z Bigfoot Special Edition: The Horror Magazine
Devolution Z Bigfoot Special Edition: The Horror Magazine

reviews: 1

ratings: 3 (avg rating 5.00)




Free swag if you order Talon: The S.S. Trinity.

If you’ve not been to my FB author page, it’s here.

More importantly, if you haven’t heard I’m throwing a launch party event on the 28th for my new novelette: Talon: The S.S. Trinity. The event is located here.

How here’s the best part, the party is over a week away and I’m already offering you up free stuff. There is a pinned post on the event page. If you purchase and then share a picture of your purchase of Trinity, you are eligible for a TON of swag. Such as…

A special PDF edition of the story FULL of extra art work.

A Kindle file with another Talon prequel, “Talon: Any Port in a Storm,” that was included in The Creepy Collection Anthology.

And, to U.S. mailing addresses, an autographed bookmark from yours truly.

So what are you waiting on? The book is 99 cents! Go get it and earn some free swag!


Book Anouncement! “The Haunted Country” comes to audiobook.

Tomorrow, Jason White’s novel, THE HAUNTED COUNTRY, will finally be released in audiobook format. Stay tuned to The Darkness Dwells Podcast for a excerpt coming in the Christmas fireside reading bonus episode. I hope to have the time to produce such a show, at any rate. If not, you will be able to listen to the excerpt on another episode.

Darkness Dwells Podcast Found here.


Crossroads in the Dark 2: Urban Legends

Like Urban Legends? This book will give you MORE THAN ENOUGH bang for your buck! I promise you that.

But it here.



More Talon Sequel Goodness. “The bond between two Demons.”

Remember the first day we went to the book shop and met Esmerelda?”

Well, yea. Of course I do. Why?”

Esmerelda knew something about your powers. She knows where they come from.”

Sadie playfully slapped me on the arm. “And you didn’t tell me? The fuck, Nicky?”

Sadie, calm down. This isn’t easy to say and it probably won’t be easy to hear. Those black and blue flames of yours…it’s Hell-fire.”

Hell-fire?” she shrieked. “Why in the Fuck would I be able to summon Hell-fire?”

I paused. I didn’t want to say it, but her eyes pleaded for an answer. “Esmerelda said that means…”

I couldn’t spit the words out. So Sadie forced my hand. “Say it, Nicky! Say it!”

This means that you must be part Demon.” There. I said it, and I regretted it immediately.

Sadie hopped out of her chair. She was obviously upset and shaking. “Bullshit!” she screamed. “I am not part Demon! That’s impossible!”

I stepped towards her, wanting to comfort her, but she backed away. “Sadie…”

Don’t ‘Sadie’ me!” She fell down on her knees and started crying. “It’s not true…it can’t be.”

You said you never knew who your father was. The powers, the flames, it all makes sense of you think about it, baby.”

She screamed, “It doesn’t make sense! Nothing makes sense!” She looked up at me and her eyes were rolled over and glowing black again.

I took a step backwards. “Sadie, baby…”

What?” she hollered angrily.

Your eyes…they’re black.”

What?” she said in a softer tone. She stood up and stepped in front of the mirror on the wall. She took one look at herself and she slouched down and withered up into almost nothing. “Oh my God.” she whispered.

The same thing happened right before you kicked ass and took names at Marcus’ old office.”

She turned to me, with tears pouring down her cheeks. “This is what I looked like?”

I carefully nodded my head, afraid to upset her any more. “Yes. This is what your eyes looked like.”

She fell to her knees again and cried even harder. “I’m hideous! I’m a Demon! Why me, Nicky? Why did this have to happen to me?”

I knelt beside her and carefully lifted her chin so she was looking at me. “I’m a Demon, too. And you still love me don’t you?”

Sadie wiped her eyes and turned away. “Don’t ask such silly questions!”

I turned her head back until our eyes met. “You still love me don’t you?”

She placed her hand on top of mine. “Now and always.”

I caressed her tear-stained cheek. “And that is the same way I love you. I don’t care about what you are. I care about who you are. I don’t know where life is taking us, but it’s taking us there together.”

We sat there in the floor for hours without saying a word. We just clutched to each other, unsure of what to say. Maybe we didn’t have to say anything. The force holding us together was stronger than any words we could have spoken.