A World of Updates

BIG NEWS: “Where Old Acquaintances Be Forgot” (From TDR Publishing) is completely edited, being formatted, and basically just waiting on the cover design. My FIRST stand alone story (although a short story) with JUST MY NAME on the cover will soon be available on Amazon. Expect a release party when it happens.

Also, Talon: Any Port is a Storm (from Inkception Books) will be coming out in an anthology on 10/15. This is a VERY different take on the Talon series as it’s NOT told by Nicky, is in 3rd person, and is a horror/mystery type element. If you know the characters, you’ll figure out what’s up pretty quick but for MOST people this will be their very first taste of the Talonverse and I hope should get some buzz started to go with the other prequel works I’m working on.

Death and Pestilence (from Sandspress Pub) is set to come out around Halloween. Another anthology (this one NOT Talon related) BUT still set in Alabama and features a very good friend of mine as the name of the protagonist (Jamie Peffer). I went to gifted classes with this chap when we were both just kids so always good to mention people you love in your stories. Also, Jamie’s deceased wife mentioned in the story is named “Melody” which is my oldest sister’s name.

Cross Roads in the Dark 2 (from Burning Willow Press) will come out around Halloween and features a short story that I wrote about a local Alabama legend called “Cemetery Mountain.” If you’ve never heard the story, you should go research it. This is one where all I did was take the existing story and wrote around it. Amazingly creepy stuff and part of my Alabama Horror series.


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