Welcome to “The Dark World” by S.C. Parris

Dark World

Welcome To The Dark World.
A World kept from the eyes of humans where all manner of Dark Creature live, war, and thrive. But certain Creatures are about to find that there is more to the dark than blood and bite…. The Dark World holds secrets…and the greatest of all are about to be revealed.
— “Her name…is Alexandria Stone.”
These are some of the last words Xavier Delacroix hears from his beloved Eleanor Black…just before she bursts into a Lycan Creature. And if this wasn’t enough to rattle Xavier’s brilliant mind, other Vampires – namely Dracula – are becoming elusive and speaking only in vague air about Xavier’s supposedly brilliant blood. But with a human to find, Lycans to kill, and a World to protect, Xavier is not so sure what to believe or who.
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A Duel To The Death

Duel to the Death: The Hunter

I, Jay Michael Wright II, challenge you, Andy Peloquin, to a duel to the death! But it is not we who will fight, but our characters…

In the black corner, weighing in at 180 pounds, standing a cool 6 feet tall, the Hunter of Voramis!


Tale of the Tape:

  • Superhuman reflexes, strength, speed–think Captain America, but stronger
  • Thousands of years of weapons training
  • Body has accelerated healing factor–can survive a sword to the heart (can be killed by drowning, iron weapons, beheading, and suffocation)
  • Cannot be killed by anything but iron
  • Accursed dagger that heals him when he kills
  • No magical abilities whatsoever
  • No hesitation to kill if he perceives opponent as a threat/obstacle to his desires–classic anti-hero

In the blood red corner, we have Nicholas “Talon” Watson!

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Tale of the Tape:

  • Vampire created from the Pureblood line of Vampires (only three Vampires removed from the original/source Vampire Lilith)
  • Incredible speed, reflexes, and strength
  • 400 years trained with Kamikaze, a demon-slaying Katana
  • Self-healing properties, can only be killed by beheading or draining enough blood from him that he is unable to heal his wounds.
  • Sunlight weakens him but does NOT burst him into flames, has a weakness to silver.
  • Will happily slaughter anyone or anything that gets into the way or threatens those he loves.
  • Gets stronger as he drinks blood.
  • Ability to disappear into shadows or darkness.
  • Has fangs and talons (claws protruding from the nails) as natural weapons.

Two enter the ring, only one can leave alive!

How would Talon kill the Hunter? Either use his speed and reflexes to take the Hunter’s head or, knowing he can be suffocated, drag him into a lake/water and drown him

To kill Talon: The Hunter would try to overwhelm him with his inhuman speed, strength, and skill. All he has to do is pierce his skin with Soulhunger, and the dagger will consume his soul. Not even someone with considerable magical abilities can survive Soulhunger’s bite–it was created to kill demons.

Who would win?

The Hunter has never faced anything quite like Talon. His battles with the First and Third of the Bloody Hand have taught him caution in combat against an enemy who can match your speed, skill, and strength. He quickly learns to keep out of reach of Talon’s fangs and claws, but faced with the wicked Kamikaze, he has no choice but to use his long sword to keep the vampire away while searching for an opening to bring Soulhunger to bear.

Talon, too, finds himself intrigued with this hooded and cloaked assassin who is able to match him blow for blow, step for step. His initial hope of surprising and overwhelming the Hunter’s defenses quickly give way to grudging admiration for a worthy foe, and he settles in for a grueling, knock-down, drag-on fight. His sword gives him the reach, but he faces two weapons. He quickly learns to fear the long knife in the Hunter’s off-hand.

Winner: WAY too close to call. Vampire vs. half-demon assassin, with skills, speed, strength, and cursed weapons to match, only the Mistress’ own luck will determine who the winner is.

Want to find out more about this creature of the night who would dare challenge Talon Darkhart, child of Lilith? Click here to read about the fearsome Hunter.

Who do YOU think would win? Did we get the match-up right? Leave a comment below and let me know…

A World of Updates

BIG NEWS: “Where Old Acquaintances Be Forgot” (From TDR Publishing) is completely edited, being formatted, and basically just waiting on the cover design. My FIRST stand alone story (although a short story) with JUST MY NAME on the cover will soon be available on Amazon. Expect a release party when it happens.

Also, Talon: Any Port is a Storm (from Inkception Books) will be coming out in an anthology on 10/15. This is a VERY different take on the Talon series as it’s NOT told by Nicky, is in 3rd person, and is a horror/mystery type element. If you know the characters, you’ll figure out what’s up pretty quick but for MOST people this will be their very first taste of the Talonverse and I hope should get some buzz started to go with the other prequel works I’m working on.

Death and Pestilence (from Sandspress Pub) is set to come out around Halloween. Another anthology (this one NOT Talon related) BUT still set in Alabama and features a very good friend of mine as the name of the protagonist (Jamie Peffer). I went to gifted classes with this chap when we were both just kids so always good to mention people you love in your stories. Also, Jamie’s deceased wife mentioned in the story is named “Melody” which is my oldest sister’s name.

Cross Roads in the Dark 2 (from Burning Willow Press) will come out around Halloween and features a short story that I wrote about a local Alabama legend called “Cemetery Mountain.” If you’ve never heard the story, you should go research it. This is one where all I did was take the existing story and wrote around it. Amazingly creepy stuff and part of my Alabama Horror series.