Some Updates

Well, lot’s been going on.  Firstly, I’d like to announce that “Cemetery Mountain” has been picked up for the Burning Willow Press anthology Crossroads coming out around Halloween.

Still the “The Board” coming out in the Sandspress Anthology “Death & Pestilence,” also coming out around Halloween.

“The Initiation” is going to come out in the anthology “1313 Continental Drive.”  Every room of the house has a story from different horror author.  To put it bluntly, that’s one VERY haunted house.

The piece, “The Devil’s Mistress” will be coming out in a charity anthology, title yet to be determined.

The first edits have been done on “Where Old Acquaintances Be Forgot” has been done.  A little more polish and this Alabama horror story will be available as a stand alone kindle short story on Amazon.

Just received the contracts for “Murder Creek,” another short story, and “The Rise of UMBRA,” my sci fi novel.  Can’t wait to get the ball running on these two.

Talon: The Spider’s Web has been given a tentative release date of 7/22/17.

I am working on some Talon prequels which I hope to self publish myself to get some buz going on everyone’s favorite Vampire.  The current project is called, “Talon: The Blood Countess,” which involves him interacting with lady Elizabeth Bathory.

So that’s what all is on the works right now.  Busy, busy, busy….


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