The Rise of UMBRA short novel has been sold!

36 hours after turning it into a publisher I got an offer for a contract on it!  I am really amazed right now because this piece of work was WAY outside my comfort zone.

Firstly, I am mainly a first person POV writer.  It was always my “go to” POV and where I was most comfortable.  “The Rise of UMBRA” is a 3rd person POV.  I’ve sold 3rd person POV shorts but never a 3rd person novel.  It makes me proud to say I managed to conquer both of the major POVs that you see in writing.

Secondly, “The Rise of UMBRA” is a Sci Fi piece.  To be honest, dark fantasy and horror has always been my bread and butter.  This is the first piece of literature that I’ve written that hasn’t belonged to one of those two genres.  It’s actually rather sentimental to me, because my father, Jay Wright, worked for NASA as a space rocket engineer.  I thought dad would be proud (if he were still living) to see I touched on a genre very close to his heart.

“The Rise of UMBRA” was picked up by The Dragon’s Rocketship Publishing and has a tentative release date for early 2017.  I suppose next I need to do a high fantasy piece to complete the nerd Trifecta of genres. 🙂  Thanks everyone for the support.



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