Multi-Writing/Tasking: Good or Bad?

A question I’ve stumbled across in the last few weeks as I wait on the editor’s to send me their revisions to my anthology pieces and my novel.  My first instinct was to work on my novel’s sequel, which I did hardcore for about a month.  Before I realized it, I had 40k on my sequel done, but I was burning out on it a bit.

So I decided to switch to an old project.  It was a short story (novelette really) that was a Sci Fi piece which you’ve seen me posting excerpts from on this page.  I stayed on that project and carried the story to its full end (which included some mild genre changes towards the end) but overall, I was very happy with what I created and am currently waiting to hear back from two different publishers I sent the piece off to (the final work ended up being just under 50k, making it a short novel).

Now that I have a potential second novel in the wings, I feel refreshed to get back into my sequel.  I will probably work on it until I get burned out again and then will fall back to one of my other projects.  I still have a super hero novel in the works (which I re-read last night and was VERY happy with what I had, including the extensive notes I made for it), a novella or short novel about a Dhampir that is part of my Talon universe, and a horror story called “Patches” that I think could turn into my first actual horror novel.

The point, while you should never overextend and never finish something, it’s good to have ‘other projects’ to get your mind off of a major task.  I say write whatever you feel and bounce around if you need to until you get all of them finished.  Plus, if you finish them all close together, you can flood the market with your work.  Gotta get that name out there and if you don’t write, you’ll never finish anything.


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