Excerpt from “The Rise of UMBRA”

The hologram said, “My dearest Sophy, if you are listening to this, I am no longer with you. I want to tell you the truth about how you came to be and why I was the father I was to you. You, my darling, are a clone of my real life daughter. I never knew the first Sophy until she was nearly twelve years old and her body was riddled with disease. I did everything I could for her, spent millions in credits trying to cure her, but it was all for naught. I missed and loved her so much, that I paid a man to clone her and to give me you.

“I had them bio-engineer into your DNA all the things you would ever need to excel at what we do. You were made faster, stronger, more agile, you are in every way superior to a normal human being. In hindsight, I may have been selfish in doing this to you. I didn’t know how to be a father to a ‘normal girl.’ All I knew was crime and bounty-hunting and all the worst parts of life, so I made you into my image, and for that I am sorry. I should have given you the choice to be whatever you wanted to be, so I give you that choice now. I set you free, my darling daughter. Do not follow in my footsteps anymore if your heart doesn’t desire it. Go, have a normal life, raise children, be a normal part of society. Go and be happy for both of us. Clone or not, you were, and always will be, my daughter. I love you, Sophy. I release you from the ties that bound us. Your life is now your own.”


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