Tesla’s Signal by L. Woodswalker

Who doesn’t love Tesla?  Whether a historian, a lover of science, or just a Sci Fi fan, Tesla is going to be a part of your lore, and what we have here is a historical Sci Fi epic featuring the man who brought us the radio and an 80s hair-band with their power ballad “Love Song.”  Well, okay, the 80s band isn’t in here but Nikola Tesla is and if ya don’t like Tesla, you’re no friend of mine.

Nikola Tesla has a unique affinity for electric current…he can visualize the unseen…he speaks with beings of light. In 1899, he receives a message from “Mars”. When he meets the alien visitors, he finds their agenda not what he had expected. And they require his scientific expertise to further their aims.
Then things start to go wrong–and “mad scientist” Nikola himself is blamed. He and his brilliant colleague Clara must go on the run from alien captors and human authorities alike. They seek a refuge where they can develop their futuristic defenses against the “Martians”. At the same time, Nikola must learn to tap into the cosmic forces and face his own demons: his phobia of germs, touching and love.
Their only allies are the enlightened ones, on Earth and on a far-away world of disembodied energy beings.
Eventually Nikola and Clara must return to a devastated New York City, where they will face the alien invaders in the final battle for the fate of humanity.
A classic-style SF novel that blends real history with fantastic gizmos, far-out space wonder, and hair-raising adventure.

Amazon Page:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WUP212I/


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