The Trouble with Trolls by Jolie Byrne

Yes, I have a LOT of author friends with a lot of good work out there.  They’re my family so I share their work.  This is a nice little fantasy piece that you can pick up for only a dollar.  A DOLLAR!  Good literature for a buck?  Yes, please.

Alan’s life fell apart when the curse struck. His wife left him and took their son. He lost his job. The only thing he had left was the occasional trip to the pub for fish and chips, but he yearned for a normal life surrounded by family of his own. He never believed that he would find it. Then one day he stepped into Petunia’s Peculiar Particulars and its proprietress opened his eyes to a whole new world of possibility. Does Alan have the courage to take the leap that could lead him to the life of his dreams?


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