Special Guest Author Interview: Kindra Sowder

We’re here today with author Kindra Sowder. Kindra, it’s nice to have you here. I understand you have a new book that just came out. What is it and what can you share with us about it?

  • My new book is titled “The Harvested” and is the first in a five part Dystopian series in a world where a wall surrounds the United States (keeping it war-free) about a woman named Mila that has a secret. She has a power that no one could imagine and is about to be found out. The dictator of her society, Emerson King, orders mandatory DNA testing because scientists have discovered a genetic marker that betrays them as different. She is found out and taken into custody to be experimented on and tested. So many other juicy things happen, but I won’t give that away.


So this was your first Dystopian novel? What was it like trying something new? Do you think you’ll stick with this genre or will you jump back and forth in genres just depending on your mood?

  • It was indeed my first Dystopian novel and it was a blast to write. It has been a favorite genre of mine for years and I wanted to get my hands dirty. I know I have plenty other Dystopian novel ideas in my head so I’ll definitely be writing more of them, but I do have others that are from the genres that I am already known for. I’ll most likely go back and forth. I just have too many stories to tell to stick to one genre.


What inspired you to write this book?

  • I can’t say I am entirely certain what inspired me to write it. It was an idea that popped into my head and I spent a lot of time developing it and then, finally, writing it.


Of all the characters in your new book? Who was your favorite to write and who did you most identify with as a reader?

  • I have a lot of favorites, Mila, our main character, being one of them. But my favorite is actually our villain. Emerson King is a bad man down to his very core, evil even with no sense of empathy. And he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. I like him because he reminds me of that part in all of us that we don’t let out.


So what got you into writing? Were there any authors that inspired you to do this?

  • I wrote my very first story when I was 12 for an assignment at school. Halloween was coming up and we had to write a short story. That started it even though I didn’t really write anything again till I was 15. That was when I started the Executioner Trilogy. The authors that inspired me most were Stephen King and Anne Rice for sure.


What’s the one book you wish YOU had written that someone else wrote?

  • I’ll just say I sat here for 30 minutes thinking about this question to come to one conclusion. There isn’t one that I wish I wrote. Bet no one saw that coming.


Not everyone knows this but you are owner/operator of Burning Willow Press. What made you decide to start a publishing company? What was the hardest part of getting started?

  • Well, I was with another publisher a couple of years ago. After some soul-searching when they changed some business models I decided to dissolve my contract. But I still wanted to publish my work and help those who had also suffered the same atrocities known to the publishing industry. So I decided to start my own. The hardest thing about getting started was being taken seriously as a publisher. Almost 2 years later, we have so many amazing authors I can’t even count them.


Of all the books you’ve helped be published with BWP, what are a few that are your favorites?


What books do we have to look forward to that BWP will soon be releasing?

  • We do have one coming out this month called “Back Horizon: The Commonwealth Cycle Book 1” and it is our first science fiction novel here at BWP! And we have so many more coming and I am looking forward to all of them.


What books do we have to look forward to that YOU will be releasing in the future?

  • So far, once I start it, I will have another Miss Hyde Novella coming as well as book 2 of The Permutation Archives “The Pursuit” coming out in December with CHBB Publishing. I am working on some co-authorships as well and have so many more ideas just waiting.


Last question, three favorite books of all time…

  • Pandora by Anne Rice
  • The Dark Half by Stephen King
  • Parasite by Mira Grant


I would like to thank Kindra Sowder for being my very first interview subject.  As you can see she has a lot on her plate and is a busy woman but if you’d like to ask her questions, feel free to leave comments below.  If you liked the interview, please follow the blog and give us some love.  For those wanting to check out Kindra’s new book, here is both the cover and the link to  Amazon to find it:


Buy Links


Author Links

Website: www.ksowderauthor.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/kmkinnaman

Twitter: @KindraKinnaman




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