Aoife and Demon: Cursed be the Syhlain (Volume 1)

Kids, do you like demons?



I am Aoife Edwards, a college senior who’d rather be left alone on my ice rink to fly away on my skates and escape the cold clutches of my stepmom. I love to stun, infuriate and mock the elite held very dear to my power hungry step-mother but somehow my vocab goes on a vacation when I’m wedged against that despicable, true, bad to the bone, Demon… This is my story. One that is set in a fantastical world tucked away from human eyes in a parallel universe called the Realm. My story will give you adventure, love, magic, war and finger lickin’ humor. What it will not deliver on is sugar sweet treats well suited to the stylings of a perfect lover boy or girl. If you are looking for a romance set in the mystic hills of fairylands where the trees sing and the sense of piety is so strong that a blood sucker or a mutant would rather starve than end an innocent human life – then kindly wear a helmet before embarking on my journey. “Once you start reading the book, it’d take a massive conspiracy by Mother Nature for you to put it down, before you’re done reading it. It will easily be one of the fastest reads of your life, one that keeps you hooked to it with doses of adventure coming your way at over 200mph! It takes a blend of writing dexterity and ingenious imagination to weave together a book that has a meticulously narrated script, regulars bursts of magic and adventure, comprehensively detailed characters and yet manages to remain a light hearted story at the end of it all.” -Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, Editor, The Nation, online edition. “Aoife and Demon is a wonderful, lighthearted lusty romp through an alternate world filled with the good, the bad, and the truly unusual. The book delivers a ton of fun, fast paced entertainment. It’s a good read, it’s a fast read, you’ll laugh, and you’ll care too!” -Mary Rosenblum, winner of Compton Crook Award and Side Award for Alternate History Short Form.



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