Updates Updates

Well, for one, just completed the revisions to “Murder Creek” that were asked for and sent them off.  Hopefully will get the official contract offer on it within a few days!  I’ll be sure to update everyone when that happens.  I know it’s taking some time, but I am about to have a TON of projects available and I’m getting more excited by the moment!

This one, well, I’m not sure how much I will speak on this one or even if I will publish it under my pen name (may pick another name to publish it under).  I have begun a piece called “A Heretic for Jesus” which is about my journey to become an Agnostic who’s a big follower of Jesus’ sayings even though I’m not that religious.  There is a TON of dark humor in this piece and I’m loving it, but local response might run me out of town.   If I get brave, I might share some of it here.


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