The Schedule for the Rest of the Year

Okay, so here is my current breakdown on projects coming out within the next year:

Where Old Acquaintances Be Forgot –TDR Publishing.  A stand alone E-book short about two friends who spend the night in abandoned, historic and haunted Bryce Mental Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Sometimes the dead aren’t at rest and there’s nothing they like more than to play with the living.  This is part of my Alabama Urban Legends/Horror series.

The Initiation–Independent publisher, part of the 1313 Continental Drive anthology.  A really neat idea here.  Each room in this old house has its own ghost story.  Different authors took a room and we’re combining them all together to give you a house you’ll never forget!  The Initiation is about a paranormal investigator doing her first investigation, alone, as her initiation to join the group she wants to join.  She has been given the upstairs bathroom, where a mother drowned her two children and then committed suicide.  Some spirits never rest and this one will have you just clawing to get out of the room…

The Board– Sandspress Publishing, part of the Death & Pestilence anthology.  When a man recently has lost his wife, a strange gift shows up at his door:  a Ouija board.  Surely he’d never play with it, right? Well, wrong.  When he starts to play he gets way more than he bargained for.

Murder Creek–TDR Publishing, another stand alone E-book release.  Three friends go camping at a place called Murder Creek (that’s a real place with a real haunted history).  They end up running into a number of entities that night, including a paranormal creature most have thought to be not real.  Murder, suicides, and Bigfoot?  Yup, Bigfoot.

The Devil’s Mistress–TDR Publishing, part of their Doves Charity Anthology.  This one means a bit to me as all proceeds go to support women who have suffered abuse, a charity close to my heart.  In the story a young female author writes a story about a defiant, wild young woman who takes no shit from anyone.  As the young author starts to travel promoting her book, the voice in her head starts to get louder and louder and takes control.  What’s really fun with this one, I actually wrote it from the split personality’s POV.

Talon: The Spider’s Web–Burning Willow Press, my novel and my pride and joy.  A Vampire tries to regain his humanity after 400 years of being a complete monster, but his past is catching up with him.  It’s dark, gritty, gruesome, and has a twisted sense of humor weaved into the story.  Full of action, this story will make you laugh, cringe, and cheer.  Imagine if Buffy the Vampire Slayer was NC-17 and told from the point of view of a Vampire.


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