Coming Soon…

Anthologies:  Death & Pestilence by Sandspress  Story:  The Board (Horror/Haunting)

A grieving widower finds himself a very odd present waiting at his door:  a Ouija Board.


Anthologies:  1313 Continental Drive by Indy Publishing  Story:  The Initiation  (Horror/Haunting)

A young paranormal investigator is sent to a house with a long history to see what she can discover.


Short Story E-book release by TDR Publishing  Story:  Old Acquaintances Be Forgot (Horror/Haunting)

Two friends break into an abandoned asylum to throw a New Year’s Eve party but more people show up than are on the guest list.


Novel release by Burning Willow Press  Story:  Talon: The Spider’s Web (Dark Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Vampire/Action/Thriller)

A 400 year old Vampire tries to find his humanity before his dark past can catch up with him.  Dark and gritty with some very Joss Whedon humor tossed in.


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