Ask a Vampire Anything

Do you dare? Curious about his turning? The sins he’s committed? The man he’s trying to be? Or just why he’s running loose in Birmingham taking out certain drug dealers?  A Vampire holds many a secrets and for a limited time Nicholas Watson (aka Talon) will answer your questions on twitter:  @thevampiretalon


Blurb idea for Talon: The Spider’s Web

“Life makes you a monster. Eternity gives you time to perfect it.” Or least that’s what Nicholas thought. After 400 years as a Vampire, can he find his humanity before his dark past catches up to him?

A little tease of book 2

I smiled quite wickedly. “There is no mortal man that can hide from me if I wish him dead. My Sire taught me to hunt, taught me all the tools I would ever need to be a killer. Let me and Sadie walk out of here, tell me how to find this Jester, and I promise you, I will bury him so deep not even the Devil will find him.”