House of Cain ain’t nothin’ to fuck with….

Before cramming his body into the furnace, I gave him a quick pat down. Money, jewelry, a map to the secret treasure from The Goonies, you just never knew what you might find unless you looked. The only thing I found was an amulet and with one look I cursed my luck. “Well fuck me running!”

The amulet was gold, about the size of a half-dollar, and depicted an eagle standing on top of a slaughtered lamb. I recognized the symbol instantly. It belonged to The House of Cain. They were the New York Yankees of Pureblood Vampire Clans. They had been on top a long-ass time and, much like the Wu Tang Clan, they weren’t nothin’ to fuck with. If this Pureblood was a member of the House of Cain, things were far more serious than I had originally thought.


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