Talon–Never Surrender

I had always heard tales of people claiming “to see their life flash before their eyes” just before death. I had never believed it, but as that Pureblood was pulverizing my back into gelatin, it happened to me. I saw my mother and sister, the night I was turned, the faces of so many of those that I had killed, and finally I saw Spider and Katie Grissom and something inside of me just snapped.

No! I’m not dying, not here, and most certainly not like this. I wouldn’t give this smug Pureblood asshole the satisfaction of being the one to put me down. Fuck that! It was time to dig deep and pull something remarkable out of my ass… or at least try.

Forcing my arms up from my side, I dug my talons into the Pureblood’s wrist and raked down to his elbow. It wasn’t the most devastating attack, but it was enough to make him drop me and stagger backwards. Licking his blood off my fingertips, I tried to ignore the fact that my back was on fire and forced a smirk. No more playing around, no more unnecessary banter, it was time to go old school and fuck this bitch up.

I played opossum, acting like I was still stunned to bait him in. It worked like a charm. He charged in like a bull looking to gore me. I moved at the very last moment and tripped the Pureblood face-first into the stage. Grabbing him by his blonde hair, I lifted him up and rammed his face into the wood structure over and over, a little payback for my aching spine. Before long, his golden locks were turning pink, stained from all the blood that was gushing from his face.

I thought I was getting the upper-hand, until the Pureblood threw an elbow that caught me on the temple. He connected about as solidly as a person could. I mean he rang my fucking bell for me. I was still seeing stars when I caught the sight of blonde hair and fangs lunging at my throat.

There was no way to keep him off of on top of me, but I had the time to raise my knees. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled with all my might as the force of his impact sent me flying to the floor. When we crashed, my knees dug in deep enough that I believe I heard a couple of his ribs crack. He screamed out in agony as I got to my feet first with a crazy bloodlust on my mind.

Taking one step to build momentum, I attempted to kick a field goal with the Pureblood’s head, but he moved at the last second and I went flying like Charlie Brown during one of Lucy’s football pranks. I landed flat on my back and grimaced from all the pain radiating through my body. I had never hurt so much in all my immortal life. Before I could move, he was on top of me, slashing with lightning speed at my chest.

I was in so much pain, I barely noticed the beer bottle that came flying across the room and smacked the Pureblood in the side of the head. I may have barely noticed, but the bottle sure as Hell caught the Pureblood’s full attention. I glanced over, and to my surprise, the Pureblood’s intended meal hadn’t run. Oh no, she had instead armed herself with empty beer bottles and was firing them off as quick as she could throw them. Poor thing, she should have run. Now we were both probably going to die.

The Pureblood snatched the girl with one hand and with hardly any effort at all tossed her up against the wall. The impact seemed to knock the wind out of the girl and she went limp. Before she could slide down the wall, the Pureblood had her by the neck. Just as he was about to slash her throat, I stood up and screamed, “This is between you and me, asshole! Or are you only man enough to beat up girls?”

One of these days, I’m going to learn to keep my mouth shut, but today was not that day. He blurred over to me and overwhelmed me with speed of his punch combinations. He rocked me with a blow to my temple and then went low, doubling me over with a shot to the gut. I slashed wildly, missing him, as he brought his right hand down on the back of my head like a jackhammer.

I hit my knees. I was spent. I had simply nothing left to give. The gas tank was empty. I had lost too much blood. This was going to be the end. I accepted it, smiling at the notion of this shitty existence finally being over.

The Pureblood lifted me up by the shirt and I hung there as limp as a rag-doll. “You fought well, for a mutt, but it’s come the time to end this fiasco.

He lifted his right hand, surely preparing for the deathblow, when a voice called out from behind him. “Let him go!” It was the mortal girl. God damn it, girl! Why don’t you run?

Dropping me like a sack of potatoes, the Pureblood turned his gaze at the girl. He was toying with her, just daring her to do something. “Oh, and just what are you going to do, my little morsel? I dare you! Do something! Do something, you little bitch!”

And that’s when the most amazing thing happened. I thought perhaps I was dreaming as I was drifting closer to death. The girl’s aura changed right before my eyes. It seemed to be blinding bright and impossibly dark all at once. At the top of her lungs, she screamed, “STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!”

What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. A ball of blue and black flame formed in front of the girl and exploded outward. It grew in size and intensity until it entirely engulfed the Pureblood. I had never heard anyone scream the way that he screamed while in those flames.

The flames eventually dissipated, and both the Pureblood and the girl collapsed to the floor. Before he could recuperate, I crawled over to his body and sank my fangs into his neck. He struggled, but I dug my talons into his side and held on for dear life. His blood was like sweet ambrosia. Only my Sire’s blood had ever been sweeter. As his life force faded, mine rejuvenated. In less than a minute, he was dead—drained dry, and though I wasn’t completely healed, I felt strong enough actually sit up.

Sitting up, I threw my hands up in the air, celebrating my victory. As far as I knew, no mortal-Vampire had ever killed a Pureblood. It was the best moment of my life up to that point, until I remembered one very key, crucial fact: Pureblood Vampire Clans were notorious for holding grudges. I had just killed one, which meant his entire Clan would be looking to claim my head as soon as they found out. Suddenly, the best moment in my life turned into the biggest “oh shit” moment of my life.

Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into.


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