Talon, Ch 2 excerpt

Following Spider down 20th Street as inconspicuously as a man with aspirations of dismembering another human being could, I trailed behind him about fifteen feet with a devilish smirk on my face. Oh the things I was going to do to him! Several groups of people passed us, staggering towards the night clubs we had just left behind. With each group, I made a point to make brief eye contact and to give a friendly nod of my head. Up North, if you make eye contact, people think you’re looking for a fight. Down South, if you don’t make eye contact, people think you’re up to no good and get suspicious. It’s one of those cultural things you have to adjust to when hunting in different places.

Suddenly, Spider ran into someone he knew and stopped to talk. I froze dead in my tracks. I couldn’t just keep going and pass him, possibly missing my chance to snatch him up, but I most certainly couldn’t just stand there like I was waiting on him either. I quickly looked across the street and started pantomiming like I was messaging with my invisible friend across the way who didn’t exist. Did we park over here? No? How about over there? Well I don’t know where we parked! I’ll just see you later! Bye!

Somehow I managed to stall long enough for Spider to inform his pal that he was out of dope but to check back with him tomorrow. As his buddy passed me by, he shot me the dirtiest of looks. I thought perhaps he was on to me, but I just kept walking and played it cool. Move along! Nothing to see here! Most certainly no Vampires out stalking your friend! Nope! No Vampires around here! Fang-free zone here, people! Keep ’em movin’! Luck was on my side. The chap walked right on by without incident.


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