Part of the final Talon Prologue

Glancing over her shoulder, Tessa smirked, “I heard you, but you must understand: there is a method to our madness. Fear is like a burning ember. Given time and nourishment that ember can turn into a blazing inferno. To fear is to suffer with your every breath, and causing suffering is in our very nature. It is why we exist. There is nothing sweeter to our kind than to cause suffering in these accursed mortals.”
Picking up the injured rat, Tessa cradled the creature in her hands and stood up. “Take this poor creature here. He knows he’s going to die and the fear of it is driving him mad. See how he struggles, how he flails about in utter desperation? The fear of death is worse than the death itself. Death is an end to suffering. Once we are no longer amused by their plight…” With a flick of the wrist, Tessa snapped the rat’s neck and tossed it callously to the ground. “…we put them out of their misery.”


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