Chapter Six, Part one–The Raven’s Last Flight (Super Hero Mystery)

Pulling her Honda into the garage between her Ford Mustang and Mercedes, Victoria could see Nigel already making his way down the stairs to check up on her. He had been doing this for years. Every patrol, every undercover mission, hell, even when she was simply going out on one of her many mandatory “social gatherings” she had to attend because of her controlling interest in her deceased father’s company, here he came. Once upon a time, she had found it annoying. She felt like a child having her daddy come make sure she hadn’t scratched up the car while out with her friends, but in the last few years it had almost become pleasant. It was nice to have someone actually care enough to come check on her.

Stepping out of the car, she stepped out of her heels, picked them up and slowly started in Nigel’s direction. “Well how did it go, madam?” Suddenly he froze in place and his eyes got as large as saucers. “My God! You’re bleeding!”

Looking down at her attire, Victoria snickered. She hadn’t even noticed that she was covered in Slim and Thumper’s blood until now. “Wait! Chill on the five-alarm doctor bill, Nigel! The blood’s not mine!”

Appearing quite confused, Nigel asked, “Well whose is it?”

Trekking along slowly, her muscles aching from the fight, she handed Nigel her shoes and muttered, “Just a couple guys looking for trouble. It’s nothing to worry your head over.”

Following Victoria up the stairs, Nigel remarked, “I swear, Lady Victoria, you’re the only person I know who can go to a funeral and get into a brawl. It’s just not normal.”

Victoria laughed. “Well, if you think that’s unusual wait ’til you find out someone stole my purse!”

“Stole your purse?! Good lord! I swear people nowadays have no sense of etiquette whatsoever!”

Smiling to herself, she responded, “On that, Nigel, we most certainly agree.” Heading towards the entrance to her secret basement where she kept all her super hero gear, she said, “I need you to run some information for me while I go back out.”

“Go back out?! Madam, haven’t you had enough excitement for one day?”

Looking over her shoulder, Victoria gave Nigel a little wink. “Someone stole my purse, Nigel. Lucky for me, I put a tracker in there before they did. I’m going to find out who had the balls to do it.”

Sighing, Nigel replied, “Very well, madam. And how did your search for information go?”

Pulling the three hooks which were hidden as books on the bookcase, the bookcase slid over and revealed the door to her basement hideaway. “Well, Feelgood’s girlfriend is a model, last name of McGill. She seems absolutely clueless to Feelgood’s past. Apparently he did the ole ‘put your best foot forward’ while dating her.”

“So she wasn’t much help?” Nigel asked, as he followed Victoria down into her lair.

“Not really, but her sister Sasha, she most definitely knows about Feelgood and seems insistent on protecting her sister from it. I want you to run Sasha McGill through the crime filter and see what you can find out. She’s the one who sicked the duo of lapdogs on me. Whoever she is, she’s someone important, at least in someone’s circle. I also want you to research ‘Jade’s Night Club’ for me. It’s on South Side, some place new. It wasn’t there last time I put on the tights so I want to know who owns the property, who’s renting the space, anything you can find.”

“I’ll get on that right away, Madam. Since you’re going back out should I put your dinner back in the oven for the time being?”

Taking her costume out from the glass case, Victoria started getting ready for her night out. “That’s probably best, Nigel. I’ll more than likely have it for breakfast, depending on how cooperative the purse thieves are.”

“Madam, not to question your motives, but why are you so interested in purse thieves?”

“Well, Nigel, the two thugs Sasha McGill set on me worked at Jade’s Night Club. My purse was stolen out of my car by the valet parking at Jade’s.”

“Say no more, madam. They all probably work for the same person.”

Snapping her fingers, Victoria smiled. “Exactly.”

“Just be safe out there, Lady Victoria.”

“Nigel, aren’t I always?”

Rolling his eyes, Nigel muttered, “Hardly.” To that, Victoria had a hardy laugh as the pain in her shoulders radiated down her spine and to her hips. Ugh, I am so getting too old for this shit.


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