The Raven’s Last Flight, Super-Hero story excerpt

“Gentlemen,” Victoria said, “do we really have to resort to violence here?”

Pulling a chain from his pocket, the bald man sadly nodded. “Unfortunately, it looks that way. I hate it. I generally have rules about hitting a woman but if Sasha says you need a lesson, a lesson is what you’re going to get.”

Sighing heavily, Victoria stepped out of her high heels. “Alright, then. If that’s how it’s got to be. So one at a time or two for one?”

The pair of gentlemen exchanged confused looks. “What?!” the bald man asked.

“Should I kick your asses one at a time or at the same time? It’s totally up to you.”

The men pointed and laughed. “Are you fucking serious?” the man with the brass knuckles asked. “Do you hear that, Thumper? She thinks she’s gonna kick our asses.”

Glancing over at his companion, the bald Thumper said, “Well go ahead, Slim. Take care of our light-work.”

Smiling maniacally, Slim said, “With pleasure.”

Taking a few steps forward, Slim swung wildly with the brass knuckles. Victoria easily ducked the blow and delivered an uppercut to Slim’s nutsack. Hitting his knees, Slim let out a wail which sounded like a banshee who had his balls ripped off. Thumper just stood there laughing. “Looks like our girl here has some fight in here. This might be fun after all.”

Charging forward, Thumper’s chain lashed out like angry lightning. Sparks flew as it bounced off the brick wall just beside Victoria’s head, barely missing her. This was Victoria’s first fight in nearly a year, and although she didn’t have any of her gadgets on her, she was more than eager to prove to herself she still had what it took to clean up the streets. After all, if she couldn’t take down a pair of street thugs in her civilian clothes, maybe she had no business fighting crime anymore.

Placing one foot on the nearby dumpster, she leapt into the air and drove her knee into Thumper’s chest. To her disbelief, he only took one step backwards and gave her a dirty fucking look. Well, this is going to be harder than I thought.

In her moment of disbelief she had lost track of Slim. He had recovered from the uppercut and grabbed Victoria by the ankle. With a solid tug, he had her flat of her back in the alley. Knowing she couldn’t stay prone for long and have a chance, Victoria quickly kipped up and using her momentum drove her palm dead center of Slim’s nose. In an explosion of blood, he was rolling on the ground screaming out in pain.

Thumper didn’t hesitate. He was swinging his chain like a tornado of destruction. First to her left, then to her right, and the final swing was aimed right for her head. She ducked the final swing and leapt to Thumper’s shoulders. Locking her legs around his neck, she threw all her momentum backwards and pulled Thumper down onto his head. As he tried regaining his feet, Victoria snatched the chain from his hand and wrapped the interlocking links around his neck and pulled with all her might.

Amazingly, he regained his feet and rammed Victoria into the alley wall not once but twice. Still, she hung onto the chain as if her life depended on it. Straining every muscle she had, slowly the big man dropped to his knees and fell to the ground unconscious.

Slim, a complete and total bloody mess at this point, had managed to climb back up onto all fours but with a well-placed kick Victoria knocked three of his teeth out and rendered him immobile. Stopping to catch her breath, she looked at the mess in the alleyway she had caused and smiled as she hadn’t smiled in ages. “God damn it that felt good!” she screamed as she triumphantly raised her hands into the air.

In a very lady-like manner, she slipped her high heels back on, picked up her wallet, and exited the alleyway as if nothing had happened at all. She didn’t dare use the valet parking to get her car back, they probably were all on the take as well, but within a few minutes of searching she found her ride. Taking the spare keys out of her wallet, she got in the car and prepared for the drive home. Looking over at the empty passenger seat, she smiled. Well, well, someone stole my purse. Looks like I’m going to get to have a little more fun later tonight.


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