Talon, just doing his Father’s business….

Sobbing wildly, Stevie cried out, “Who are you?! Why are you doing this?!”

Crouching down, with my boot still on his hand, I got nose to nose with Stevie. Staring him dead in the eyes, I whispered, “I am a child of the Devil, and I am here to do my Father’s business. And as to why: go ask your daughter Katie.”


Talon, that pivotal moment that changed everything

Pulling a tiny silhouette out of the backseat, the fat man slammed the door shut. At first I couldn’t see her, but once I laid my eyes on her, my whole world was turned upside down. If my heart still beat, it surely would have stopped. Oh my dear fucking God, I thought. That can’t be her! She’s dead! I was there! I buried her! That can’t be… that just can’t be…

I forced myself to say a name I hadn’t so much as dared whisper in centuries. “…Lizzie.”

I felt like I was looking deep into my past and staring at a ghost which had long haunted me in the back of my mind. I thought I had laid this nightmare to rest, but I was wrong—oh brother was I wrong! My sister Lizzie is someone I have always loved, but for my own sanity, I am ashamed to admit, I had tried to forget her. There was just too much pain attached to her memory. As I stood there in Spider’s yard, staring at this girl who looked just like my dead sister, I wasn’t a Vampire. I wasn’t the cold-blooded killer my Sire had raised me to be. In this moment, I was that scared seventeen year old boy, tied to a tree on Croatoan Island, watching my little sister freeze to death all over again. Staring on in disbelief, I felt a teardrop fall from my eye. It was the first time I had cried since being reborn as a Vampire.

Excerpts Galore (Talon)

Gate City was one of those places you didn’t really want to be caught in after dark. Come to think of it, you really didn’t want to get caught there in the day time either. Remember in the original Star Wars, what Obi-Wan said to Luke about that space port? Yea, Gate City is just like that, minus the charm of a young Harrison Ford and a seven foot tall fur-ball who, for whatever reason, was running around naked. Seriously, can someone please explain to me why the Wookie didn’t wear pants? If I ever meet George Lucas, I swear to God, before I kill him, I’m going to make him explain that to me. That question has cost me many a night of sleep.

More Talon

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking: Did you really have to scare the little old lady like that? Well, what else was I going to do? Casually stroll up, tap the woman on her shoulder, and say “Pardon me, ma’am. I need your car for official Vampire business. Identification? Why yes! Here’s my autographed picture of Bela Lugosi and my Bram Stoker Fan Club membership card! Look! I’m even wearing my special Dracula decoder ring! I can have the car? Why thank you! You have a pleasant evening, ma’am.” I wish it were that easy, but it never is.

More Talon Ch. 2

And to all you fledgling Vampires out there reading this, I can not stress to you enough the necessity of having something to knock your prey out with—heroin, ether, chloroform, whatever works for you. You just need something. Let’s be honest here, sure there are times you just want a quick drink, toss the body in a dumpster and shag ass, but occasionally you meet one of those especially irritating assholes who are just begging for a little special ‘one on one’ time. Don’t try to go all “Jack the Ripper” on a bitch in an alleyway! It’s too dangerous! Knock that fucker out, take ’em home, and show them the true meaning of suffering. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Talon, Ch 2 excerpt

Following Spider down 20th Street as inconspicuously as a man with aspirations of dismembering another human being could, I trailed behind him about fifteen feet with a devilish smirk on my face. Oh the things I was going to do to him! Several groups of people passed us, staggering towards the night clubs we had just left behind. With each group, I made a point to make brief eye contact and to give a friendly nod of my head. Up North, if you make eye contact, people think you’re looking for a fight. Down South, if you don’t make eye contact, people think you’re up to no good and get suspicious. It’s one of those cultural things you have to adjust to when hunting in different places.

Suddenly, Spider ran into someone he knew and stopped to talk. I froze dead in my tracks. I couldn’t just keep going and pass him, possibly missing my chance to snatch him up, but I most certainly couldn’t just stand there like I was waiting on him either. I quickly looked across the street and started pantomiming like I was messaging with my invisible friend across the way who didn’t exist. Did we park over here? No? How about over there? Well I don’t know where we parked! I’ll just see you later! Bye!

Somehow I managed to stall long enough for Spider to inform his pal that he was out of dope but to check back with him tomorrow. As his buddy passed me by, he shot me the dirtiest of looks. I thought perhaps he was on to me, but I just kept walking and played it cool. Move along! Nothing to see here! Most certainly no Vampires out stalking your friend! Nope! No Vampires around here! Fang-free zone here, people! Keep ’em movin’! Luck was on my side. The chap walked right on by without incident.