Newest Work, contest submission

Alright, a couple things to talk about (or maybe actually three).

First, I’ve submitted a short horror piece to sandspress publishing for a writing contest/anthology.  1st through 3rd wins cash and the top 20 will all appear in their anthology.  It was a very short story contest (2500) and I’m used to having a bit more wiggle room to develop characters so not sure how that will go (I think my character work is actually one of my strong points).

Started working on a short story (10k word limit) for word reaver press for an anthology.  Like the idea of my story and have had fun, cranking out nearly 2k words in a night for it.  I think it will be one of my scarier pieces so fingers crossed, here we go.

I’ve started reworking my novel into a 3rd person pov instead of a first.  This rewrite has been very easy and I really like what I’ve come up with so far.  Being 3rd person I may get to have some fun and allow Sadie to have a few chapters so we can dig into her persona more.  Overall been busy busy busy writing as of late.


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