An excerpt from “The Rise of UMBRA”, a sci-fi piece for an anthology

Feeling the room spin, Autumn felt herself come alive. Every muscle was on fire. Every bone ached in a way she couldn’t even describe. A million nerves simultaneously fired, sending wave after wave of excruciating pain coursing through her body. Ripping the mask from her face, she fell forward onto her knees and began vomiting up the sickness which seemed to be consuming her.

She felt a warm towel placed around her shoulders and someone pull her hair back into a ponytail. She heard snickering and a familiar voice. “First time in a cryogenics tube, huh?”

Spitting up a thick mucus like substance, Autumn took the towel from her shoulders and wiped her face clean. Trying to catch her breathe, she managed to reply, “Yea, Bloody. How can you tell?”

Looking up, Autumn saw Bloody’s boyish face smiling down at her. “It’s that way for everyone their first time. You’ll get used to it.”


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