More Updates

Have been on a short story run, as of late.  JUST sent in a fantasy story for consideration to the Swords of Darkness anthology.  Will hear back around December for that.

Have an almost completed Talon prequel finished called Talon: The Lost Colony of Roanoke.  Once it gets grammar Nazi’d will be submitting it to a quarterly Horror anthology.  Ever wondered about Talon’s first few weeks as a Vampire?  It’s all in there.

Now this leaves me with a few options:  there’s a story idea I have for a ‘prison/institutionalized’ anthology I’m thinking of working on (has a ghost story element to it), there’s a short I’ve started with the working title of “First Day on the Job” which is a horror story, and another author is trying to bait me into writing for a ‘doomed love story anthology’.  The last I’m the most apprehensive about as I tend to write horror I don’t know how well the genres would mix.

There’s also a call for “SCI FI horror” from the anthology magazine I’ve been submitting to for another anthology they are throwing together.  Sci Fi isn’t my strong point (I’ve never really tried it) but I have a story bouncing through my head just in case I try it.  This work is calling for 7500-20000 words so it would give me a lot of room to create (which I like and is a plus) but I’m still nervous about the genre.


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