And a little bit of Alabama/Auburn banter in the book

Coughing up a storm the rotten-mouthed chap sat the bong down. When he finally caught his breath he said “Florida is gonna kill Alabama tomorrow. I’m tellin’ ya! It’s gonna happen!”

Taking the bong in hand the black teen responded “You just hatin’ ’cause we got 12 national championships.” before sparking up and taking a hit.

Sitting up in an almost aggressive pose rot-mouth said “There you go talkin’ about the past again! That’s all you Bama fans do! Why don’t you go dig up the corpse of Bear Bryant while you at it since you like the past so God damned much?”

Slamming the bong on the table the dread-locked teen calmly exhaled his hit before wagging his finger at his friend. “Now listen here, mother fucker. You can talk about my momma. You can talk about Jesus. But you go talkin’ ’bout Bear Bryant and you likely to get your mother fuckin’ ass whooped!”


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