Talon: Jester’s Game excerpt, Ch 2 (Sep 20, 2015)

Carefully plotting the dirty deeds I would commit before the night was through I noticed the moonlight reflecting off the crucifix dangling from the mirror and suddenly I felt like I was being watched in disapproval. “Don’t look at me like that, Jesus! I know you don’t approve but if you stop and think about it it’s your fault we’re here! If you’d given two shits about me and my family when we needed you none of this would have happened. I’d not be a Vampire and we wouldn’t be sitting here in this Godforsaken ghetto. So unless you’ve got some kind of Divine sign to show me you can shut the fuck up! I’ve got some killing to do!”

Sliding out the car I turned back to the crucifix to add one last comment. “You keep hangin’ in there, buddy. It seems to be the only thing you’re good at.” And with that I slammed the door shut.


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