Talon: Jester’s Game Prologue (a sneak peak for the readers)


Dancing with a Dead Man, part one

Hell is empty. All the devils are here.”

William Shakespeare, “The Tempest”

There are two things you just don’t do as a Sired Vampire: interrupt another Vampire’s kill and call a Pureblood Vampire a son of a bitch. Unfortunately for me I had just managed to do both. I’ve done some stupid shit in my four hundred years but bursting into the abandoned ballroom of the Alabama Star Hotel without checking things out first has got to be towards the top of the list of dumbest things I’ve ever done. I had just kicked a hornet’s nest and from the look on the Pureblood’s face things were only going to get worse.

Dropping the curvy dark-haired girl from his grasp the Pureblood turned to face me with a look of utter disdain upon his face. Brushing the blonde hair from his face the Pureblood snarled at me. “I can smell the stench reeking off of you from here, half-breed.”

I knew I was fucked. He was faster, stronger, probably in every way my superior but I just didn’t care anymore. If this was how I was going to die so fucking be it. I’d had enough of this life anyway.

I was already in over my head but I couldn’t help myself. After all “In for a penny, in for a pound.” Smiling rather sarcastically I said “Really? I thought that was you. From what I’ve heard all Pureblood’s are full of shit.”

Well that seemed to get the old boy’s blood boiling. Dropping his fangs the Pureblood howled in anger. “You have no clue what you’ve interrupted here, boy!”

I knew better but I simply just didn’t give a fuck anymore. I continued to chastise the Pureblood reveling in every moment as I watched his anger grow. “Aw, did I get here before you could borrow a pair of the girl’s knickers so you could frolic about singing about how large your lover’s cock is? Personally I’d love to catch the show but if you’d rather I leave…”

Well that did it. No turning back now. I was in for the fight of my life. Do I regret saying it? Well, I have to admit it certainly wasn’t the brightest idea to say it but the look on the Pureblood’s face was fucking priceless. It’s like no one had ever had the balls to stand up to him before. It felt good to finally put one of those smug Pureblood pricks in their place. Was it worth it? Totally. Too bad I was probably going to die for it.

Howling with rage the Pureblood charged me. He was little more than a blur as he rushed me like a wild beast. Sidestepping at the last moment I felt cold steel slice into my hip and a warm dampness I knew all too well running down my leg. The bastard had pulled a knife on me and I hadn’t even noticed it.

Holding my side I turned to see the Pureblood licking my blood off the blade of his butterfly knife. The smile once upon my face was now on his. Laughing he said “You know, you taste pretty good to be a mutt. Normally I’d gut a little piss ant like you and be done with it but I’m going to play with you, boy. I’m going to show you a world of pain you never knew existed.”

Trying not to let my pain show I stood my ground. “You going to bark all day little doggie? Or you going to come over here and bite you Pureblood bitch?!”

Challenge accepted. Charging forward his knife danced like angry lightning towards my throat. I fell to my back and used his momentum to flip him over my head. I was getting under his skin, making him angry. Maybe if I got lucky he’d make a fatal mistake. It was probably my only chance to get out of there alive.

I was first to my feet and thought I had the advantage until he brought his right leg sweeping across like a sledgehammer and took my legs out from under me. I crashed to the ground banging the back of my head hard against the old ballroom floor. I was dazed but there was no time to tend to my wounds.

Instantaneously the Pureblood was to his feet and pouncing on me like a lion taking down his prey. Shimmering in the moonlight the blade of his knife lashed out at my face like an angry viper. Moments before disaster I rolled to the side into a pile of discarded beer cans and other unmentionable items left by those who still used the hotel to hold their ‘private parties’. The Pureblood crashed to the ground hissing wildly in frustration.

Seizing the moment I rolled out of the garbage pile and to my feet. Mustering as much force as I could I buried my right foot in the Pureblood’s gut. He went flying across the room and smashed right into the stage where so long ago I had heard Billy Hanson and his Orchestra playing to the delight of the masses. Those were good times but watching the Pureblood crumple to the floor amongst a pile of used needles and broken whiskey bottles was even better.

Leaping into the air I was determined to finish it. I drove the heel of my boot straight down at the Pureblood’s face. I was going to curb-stomp that fucker flat… or so I thought. To my astonishment, using only one hand at that, the Pureblood caught my foot. Smiling quite wickedly he wagged his finger at me. “Nu uh uh.”

With a flick of his wrist he sent me flying backwards. I stumbled, almost falling several times as I crossed the ballroom floor but I managed to keep my feet up until I ran smack into the mortal girl the Pureblood had been about to feed upon. We crashed to the ground with me winding up on top of her.

The impact had knocked the girl’s glasses off and that’s when I noticed her eyes. Crystal blue eyes—the Devil’s blue eyes, for a moment I was as lost as any man could be. Her jet black hair with the blue streaks, her ample bosom, she was absolutely…

What the fuck was I doing?! There was a pissed off Pureblood in the room trying to rip my head off and there I was pining like a school boy over his playground crush! I quickly handed the girl her glasses and mimed the motion of tipping a hat to her. “I believe these belong to you. Now if you’ll excuse me…”

Trembling the girl placed the glasses back on her face. I heard her whisper “You’re… excused?”

Poor thing was in shock. Can’t say I blame her. Most people don’t even believe in my kind anymore so to watch two of us try to rip each other apart had to be hard on the psyche.

Catching the blur of blonde hair out of the corner of my eye I rolled off the girl and onto my back. Pulling my knees to my chest I rocked backwards and exploded upwards catching my boot heels firmly beneath the Pureblood’s chin. I saw blood fly and heard the sound of a butterfly knife clanging against the ballroom floor. He hadn’t seen it coming and those are the blows that hurt the most.

He was stunned and I decided to make the most of it. Dropping my fangs and extending my talon like fingernails I whispered beneath my breath “You wanna dance, mother fucker? Let’s fucking dance.”

I hopped to my feet and made my move. Leaping into the air I brought the first slash down like the wrath of God. It raked the Pureblood’s face and sent a beautiful blood-mist flying into the air. The scent of his blood fueled my frenzy. I began to believe I could win.

With Hell fire dancing in my eyes I sliced straight across going for this throat. He leaned away at the last moment so I brought my other hand arcing overhead in a furious slash. The Pureblood ducked and my attack struck only air but this left him open. Grabbing the back of his head I forced him down as I brought my knee up with all the force of an atom bomb. His nose exploded gushing blood everywhere. As he stumbled backwards I closed in looking for the kill.

Wiping the blood from his face the Pureblood spit upon the ground. A fire raged in his eyes. “Enough games, mutt! Time to die!”

Before I could even think of a quip he had me by the throat and lifted off the ground. I felt the rush of air as the Pureblood ran across the room slamming me back-first into the stage. Over and over he slammed me into the stage to the point where I could hear my vertebrae cracking. It was the worst pain I had ever experienced.

Foaming at the mouth the Pureblood shouted “And just who do you think you are?!”

I couldn’t break free of his grasp but I could loosen it just enough to answer him. “Why… I’m the Vampire… that broke your pretty face.” I knew better but I forced a smile anyway. Might as well go out with a bang.

Tightening his grip the Pureblood slammed me against the stage so many times that I lost count. My legs starting going numb and it felt like my back was going to shatter. The entire room began to spin and everything started fading to black.

This is how I got myself into this predicament…


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