A Few Updates

On Scriggler my ‘mockumentary article’ “The Bangor Cave Witch” is now the most popular story of the month with a HUGE lead.

Also on Scriggler my  Talon: Jester’s Game Prologue is 2nd in popularity with over 3k views!  Sad to say but I’m going to lose story of the month to myself!

On the Author of the month leaderboard I AM IN THE TOP SPOT with a fairly huge lead of over 500 pts!  It appears Story of the Month and Author of the Month are going to be mine in my first month on the site!

My poem “Weep With the Willow” is 3rd most popular poem for the month!  I’m actually within range of taking the top spot with enough views, likes, etc.  This wasn’t a category I was aiming to win but now the other two are almost sure wins I have to admit I wouldn’t mind the hat trick!

I have begun a page on Facebook JUST for Alabama Urban Legends and Horror stories (since the mockumentary articles I’ve written have been so popular).  The link to it is here:  www.facebook.com/Alabama-Urban-Legends-and-Horror-856853924430126/timeline/

Even if you’re not from Alabama the stories are pretty creepy.  I do plan on doing stories other than mock-articles I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I’ve been added to a short list of authors who will be producing a newsletter (either electronic or paper, hasn’t been decided yet) with a yet to be named title.  Looking forward to the opportunity and kind of flattered to have been let into the group.

Am currently working on a prequel short story about Talon and what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke.  It’s almost finished and once my editor (yes, I have an editor friend nice enough to help me out now) looks at it I will be submitting it to De-evolution Z magazine.  It’s a paying magazine and would  be great exposure for the Talon character.  I’m excited to see if I can get the piece published.  It would be my first paying publishing job!

I’m working on the Talon novel still but these other projects have had me busy.  I do plan jumping back into it hard soon but I want to get the prequel story done first.

I also have in the works a short roughly titled “The First Day on the Job” about a tech support guy who picks the wrong day to take a job on a military base.  He gets put into lockdown with SOMETHING from the labs below on the loose.  This story is much earlier in development but I like where it’s going.  It will be part of the “Talonverse” when it’s done and is my planned second submission to the horror publishing sites.

That’s what I’ve been up to!  Sorry this page has been dead lately!  I’ve been busy on other projects but I’m most definitely still here!



The Prologue to Talon: Jester’s Game has been featured by the Horror News Daily website!


The piece is under the ‘Adult” section due to language but this is the second time I have been featured by the online publication.  *very proud author face*


EVERYONE!  Go to the above link and view, like. comment on my Vampire Prologue from Talon: Jester’s Game.  I am currently THIRD in the story of the month contest and need a ton of help to catch the top story (it’s written by a real published author and the story is from his published work).  I think beating him out would be great leverage for when it’s time to go Publisher hunting for me!  Share the link, get anyone you can to go help!  THANK YOU!


My Prologue on Scriggler has reached #5 on this month’s most popular list!

I am a bit shocked to be honest.  The story has only been posted for about five days and it’s cracked the top five for the month!  It’d have a long way to go to take the top spot but maybe…. ya never know.  I’m just happy to see that it’s getting so much attention and good reviews.  If you haven’t checked it out here is the link.  Leave likes and comments, it helps with my ranking!


And a little bit of Alabama/Auburn banter in the book

Coughing up a storm the rotten-mouthed chap sat the bong down. When he finally caught his breath he said “Florida is gonna kill Alabama tomorrow. I’m tellin’ ya! It’s gonna happen!”

Taking the bong in hand the black teen responded “You just hatin’ ’cause we got 12 national championships.” before sparking up and taking a hit.

Sitting up in an almost aggressive pose rot-mouth said “There you go talkin’ about the past again! That’s all you Bama fans do! Why don’t you go dig up the corpse of Bear Bryant while you at it since you like the past so God damned much?”

Slamming the bong on the table the dread-locked teen calmly exhaled his hit before wagging his finger at his friend. “Now listen here, mother fucker. You can talk about my momma. You can talk about Jesus. But you go talkin’ ’bout Bear Bryant and you likely to get your mother fuckin’ ass whooped!”


Allergies are subsiding so the writing/editing has begun again!  Hoping to knock a few chapters out of editing before the next two days is up!

Happy to say I’ve gotten to nearly 1,000 followers on twitter already.  Already met quite a few interesting fellow authors and publications which has me working on a short story to submit hoping to get my name out there (every little bit helps)

Over on Scriggler my prologue has over 350 views in a very short time with a 100% like (though it doesn’t show how many likes there is which sort of frustrates me).  No comments yet (except one by me asking for people to leave comments).  Hoping that changes soon.

Well that’s what I’m up to today.  Here’s hoping things keep going well!